Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hero for a Day - two weeks to go! Tickets available! 40k Raffle!

Greetings all!

I saw a mighty fine article on Monday over on 30kplus40k covering an interesting looking 40k event, turns out it was mine, haha!

Seriously though, Hero for a Day is just over two weeks away, and I still have tickets available. Please please please forward this to anyone you know who may be interested in attending this event - I really would love to get to 20 players on the day!

We're going to start playing games at midnight on the 19th August and go right through till midnight on the Saturday, taking in 8 games along the way, including singles, doubles, kill team and handicap games, each scenario comes with a narrative (which I have managed to get voiced over by some generous hobby types I know) and the 8 games are linked through the day to the survival or fall of an imperial world.

Tickets for this are just £10. That's right, £10, for 8 games, and that includes two hot meals and entry into the raffle.

What's that? A raffle? What prizes are on offer?

Well, quite frankly, loads! We start with donations such as a space marine librarian, chaplain grimaldus etc and work through a tactical squad box, local store vouchers, through to the real biggies, a madwargaming exclusive hoodie embroidered with hero for a day, some amera vacuum formed terrain, the 'Lost Patrol' boxed game, Deathwatch:Overkill and a Cerastus Knight Castigator!

Tickets for this raffle are just £1 each and can either be bought on the day or by contacting me using the blog email theburningeyeblog@gmail.com

As I said above, I'd love to make this event the biggest success it can be so if you can spare a day to play some games and raise some money for charity then you'll be my friend forever! And if that doesn't convince you, the money is going to the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, and so you'll be helping to save the lives of young children who otherwise may have no future - that's something I think is worth losing a night's sleep over!

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