Monday, 15 August 2016

Hobby update - 15-8-16. Just a few more details

Greetings all, hope today finds you happy, healthy and wealthy (ok, what hobbyist is ever wealthy, but I digress).

This week is it! Hero for a Day takes place midnight this coming Friday (so if you haven't donated yet, or want to buy some raffle tickets, head over to this link for donations, or email me about raffle tickets).

Notwithstanding the above however, and the olympics, which are proving highly distracting given the success Team GB are having at the moment, I have managed to get some painting progress in. The first part of that is the guy above, who is one of the raffle prizes you could win at Hero for a Day (he will be fully painted by Friday, I promise!).

The more significant amount of time has been taken up with Sire Gabriel however, whose large frame is so close to completion I'm itching to get the brushes out again and finish him off instead of doing my actual job. Here's the latest pic.
Having painted 230 rivets today, I've just got a few minor details to finish off, mainly around the pipework that forms much of his torso, and he'll be ready for action. I obviously also need to finish his base, adding in some more rubble and a surface finish to it, along with a mini-diorama under his striding form.

That's it for painting progress I'm afraid, though I did have a flying visit to Warhammer World yesterday to pick this up...
Lots of bedtime reading, once I've finished doing the Hero for a Day stuff!

Till next time,

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