Monday, 8 August 2016

Hobby update - 8-8-16

Greetings all, today's hobby update covers a few things, but mainly progress on my knight, and an update on Hero for a Day.

Hobby stuff first though, and following my earlier decision to sell off my Dark Eldar, the last few bits are now up on eBay and can be seen here. I've also taken the decision to sell off the second knight from my Imperial Knight Renegade box, so if you think you might be interested in either of the above items then head over and check out the individual listings.

As you can see above, Sire Gabriel is making significant progress and is now not far from being commissioned as fit for duty. I really hope to be able to get him finished off this week.

In other hobby news, I've finally relented to pressure from a mate and will be joining instagram shortly, so once I've got that figured out I'll be sure to let you know more information.

Ok, onto the serious stuff then. As most of you will hopefully know by now - Hero for a Day is my charity 24-hour event taking place a week on Friday! It's to raise money for the CCLG charity over here in the UK, following the diagnosis of the son of a friend of mine with a Wilms kidney tumour. George has had the kidney removed and finished his chemotherapy, and the outlook is positive, but CCLG do a lot of important research in this area and some of their techniques were used in George's treatment.

I went on a sponsored scoot at the weekend organised by his mum, and the 30 or so attendees managed to raise over £1500 for the charity, which was then doubled by a local business.

I say this, because our efforts through Hero for a Day are building really nicely. Online donations through my donations page have now hit £260, rising to £291.25 when gift aid is taken into account, whilst raffle ticket sales are now up to £99 and counting.

I'd love to be able to say we as a gaming community beat the local mums at raising sponsorship, wouldn't you?

Till next time,

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