Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hobby update and to-do list

Greetings all, it's been a busy time for The Burning Eye recently, hence the lack of many meaningful posts on the blog. The major reason for that is of course Hero for a Day, which as I hope you'll have seen from last week's post was an absolute blast, and a huge success, so we'll be doing it all again next year (probably in September to avoid all the summer holidays).

Since then I've had a bit of a break from 40k, and have been messing about with my Magic the Gathering card collection. Rob over at 30kplus40k very kindly donated his no longer used collection when he came up for HFAD, so I've been eagerly poring over them to see what can improve my decks and what new ones I can come up with. I'm going to be dipping my toe into a few previously untouched areas, including slivers and my first ever mono green deck.

Back to the main course though - what else have I done since HFAD? Well, this Saturday just gone Tom and I ran some introductory games at our local stockist, Melton Toys. I'm pleased to say that we had three willing young subjects in the morning who all went away having enjoyed their games, and was glad to see a few older faces expressing an interest, hopefully we'll see at least some of them at MAD Wargaming in the future.

Other than that, models have been rolling off the production line, with a building frenzy going on.

Dusk Knights:
I bloody love terminators. Not their rules, obviously, anyone who knows me will have heard the tirade spat in that direction, but as for the models, they're right up there in terms of the rule of cool. Betrayal at Calth notched that up a few levels with the Cataphractii pattern armour, and I recently dropped a few quid to get myself a full squad. I've built them up over the last week and now I just need to put them on bases (which I conveniently already have, though they're a bit more plain than most of the DK stuff).

I've kitted them out with the following combinations, which I think give them decent presence in all phases of the game. 2x Heavy flamer and chainfist, 3x Combi bolter and lightning claw, 4x Combi bolter and power fist, 1x Combi bolter, power sword and grenade harness. The squad therefore comes with a decent amount of anti infantry shooting, the chainfists will work nicely on tanks and buildings, and are also put onto the heavy flamer guys to make sure I minimise the number of models I need to try to avoid getting killed first (a trick I learned from using Dark Eldar reavers). I didn't want to go paired lightning claws because of the reduction in fire output, but equally 3 seemed a decent number to still have an impact on those power armour squads.

The Contemptor will still be getting a bit of conversion work from here, but because of the way the model goes together (the whole thing comes in two halves, front and back) I wanted to make sure it was properly glued before I got the saw out to reposition legs and torso. I think the Kheres assault cannon is a no-brainer so I won't be bothering magnetising or painting the alternative. I actually also got a spare Kheres for the other arm with this model that you can't use in 40k, so look out for an EC Contemptor hitting my to do pile in the next 12 months.

Next up for the Dusk Knights on the build line will be a third drop pod.

In the meantime though I have started work on the second tactical squad, and progress has been decent so far!
The yellow on the Heavy Bolter looks a lot brighter here than in person, but I'm pleased with the results so far - I am however taking suggestions as to what uniform the arm of the zombie guardsman should be (it's recent plague so won't have had time to rot too much yet).

Emperor's Children:
Now that HFAD is out of the way, and the last tale of gamers my club ran is finished (kind of fizzled out at the end really, Ryan couldn't be caught, Mj's chaos were so far behind he couldn't reach 3rd place and once I lost to Ryan I couldn't catch Martin either) we've decided to jump straight back in. Hopefully you've seen the army posts I've been running as close to weekly as I can (it's amazing how difficult it can be sometimes to get non bloggers to answer a few simple questions, haha) and I've started building my collection in the last couple of nights.

Notice the lack of silly emo hair.
First up then, Eidolon. The Boss, Lord Commander, Head Honcho, whatever you want to call him, in my practice game despite whiffing his first set of attacks, he still munched his way through a unit of 6 Thallax and a Mechanicum Domitar. He won't be the first EC to get paint, but I'm hoping he will be the most impressive (until I get Fulgrim of course). I have to say (and yes I know I'm late to the party in this respect) that I was really very impressed with how the model goes together - this is not at all like most models, the parts fit seamlessly and even without instructions, it's obvious where everything goes.

Next up, the first of my troops choices - a squad of 5 Kakophoni

These guys have yet to be assembled beyond this stage, but will hopefully be getting the treatment tonight (well, short of attaching the guns that is).

Finally, the tactical support squad

After my first little list building effort, then realising that these guys couldn't form the basis of your mandatory troops choices, I went with the 3rd company elite to allow me to use the Kakophoni in that role. I still loved the idea of the volkite squad however, so I stuck them in there as mid ranged fire support for Eidolon's unit. I'll fill the squad out as the points levels increase but it's staying at ten guys for now (I think I still have a spare helmet from my last purchase of these somewhere so won't have to use a bare head at least) I do love the sculpted shoulder pads and torsos too, they give a nice variety in the squad and I can't wait to get some paint on them.

In the still to do pile I've got a squad of 5 palatine blades to build (including some serious sword-bending tonight) and there will be another 5 kakophoni and a rhino to come to fill out my 1000pts.

So that's it for building for now, though there are still some vanguard veterans to do for the Dusk Knights.

This year however I've decided to get stuck into Dave Weston's Hobby Season, and so I present to you my to-do list for the next 12 months (this will of course be subject to change, addition and deletion as my butterfly tendencies affect my output!).

Dusk Knights

  • Complete 4 drop pods. 1 requires weathering, 1 needs final layers then weathering, 1 requires complete assembly and painting, and I haven't bought the 4th yet.
  • Buy, build and paint 3 Land Speeders.
  • Paint the remaining Librarius Conclave models.
  • Paint the 12 Devastator models I have built.
  • Paint the Honour Guard.

House Seraphus

  • Finish painting Sire Gabriel, and complete his base.

Emperor's Children

  • Paint Eidolon.
  • Buy, build and paint 2 squads of Kakophoni.
  • Build and paint 5 Palatine Blades.
  • Paint 10 Tactical Support marines.
  • Buy, build and paint 1 Rhino.

Obsidian Enclave

  • If I manage to complete all of the above, then this will be my prize.
  • Buy, build and paint 2 Ghostkeels.
  • Buy Mont'ka.
  • Buy, build and Paint 3 Broadside suits.
  • Begin the re-paint of all the Tau into new colour scheme.

See you in the paint room soon!

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