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Horus Heresy Tale of Gamers - Part 3: Mechanicum/Dark Mechanicum

Greetings all, so after yesterday's somewhat introspective post, today is much more upbeat, and focuses on the third player taking part in the upcoming series on the Horus Heresy. Today we're looking at a non-astartes faction, as Tom takes us on a ride with Robbie the Robot and his mechanicum meddlers!

Which Legion/faction are you collecting?

Dark mechanicum/mechnicum depending on numbers (Shudders at the thought of playing loyalist, chaos gods will not be happy)

What attracted you to them?

Robots and artillery! My first attraction was the miniatures, some of my favourite sculpts from forgeworld! The second attraction was that I mostly play daemons, heavily assault and limited build orientated in 40k, so mechanicum were a nice shooty and highly versatile change for me. Really looking forward to fielding them!

What do you consider to be their strengths/weaknesses?


Their first strength is they are a generally tough army, in my initial list there’s only 1 unit below T5 and they are cannon fodder!
Second strength is their versatility, I’ve personally never had the pleasure of owning a codex/army with so many options, they can literally fill any role you want them to.
The third strength would be anti tank, the army has so many options to deal with armour your spoilt for choice. I don’t think I will be worrying about popping tanks, possibly more worried about what’s inside them!
The third Strength is in deployment, while this will only affect certain armies, thallax create a nice anti infilitrate bubble during deployment.

Their first weakness, without spamming really weak units is numbers, by far. They are a highly elite army with generally low model count units so I’m expecting to have to play smart to avoid losses.
Their second weakness would have to be against blobs of General MEQ. Whilst I have the weapon options to deal with them, getting them into position at the right time is going to prove difficult!
Their third weakness would be Poison attacks these will cause me some issues especially vs the larger units like castallax!

These are what I have noticed at first glance, I’m sure I will be expanding on this as I gain more experience with Mechanicum.

How are you using these strengths to your advantage and how are you minimising the weaknesses?


Firstly I’m going to be taking full advantage of Mechanicum's access to imperium artillery and tank hunting capability. If I can pop enough enemy vehicles before they get to me it gives me more time to deplete numbers and claim objectives before they can! I hope to pop the tanks then bombard their contents, grinding them into the ground from afar.
Once they get close I will be taking advantage of the very cheap troop option of tech thralls to tarpit while I manoeuvre units into place to deal with them.


While at low points limits, I know I am going to have issues with numbers and possibly even getting enough firepower on the table. So I will be taking tarpit units to try and minimise damage to my more expensive units who will be claiming objectives or reducing numbers from enemy units who aren’t tied in combat.
I’ll be using lots of ap3 blast weapons where I can to help deal with MEQ blobs and some nifty shooting with a nanyte blaster from my hq to try and deal with terminators where possible. (love the name of this weapon expect a catch phrase haha)

How do you foresee yourself using the legion/faction? What rites of war and special units are you using?

I will be using Legio Ordo Reductor. This gives my HQ access to a 1 use bombardment which I will be taking full advantage of. Although it has a slight random aspect D3 str 8 ap3 blasts causing pinning is too fun to pass up on!
Ordo Reductor also unlocks additional heavy slot and gives access to imperium artillery. So expect to see a lot of Artillery tank batteries used. The addition of being able to take Mars-Colossus bombards on these is very appealing.
I’m mostly going for fun and annihilation through siege style warfare, lots of bombardment, tarpits and elite units to jump around claiming objectives and denying where needed.

I’ll be using Artillery tank batteries, possibly Minotaurs at larger points as they will prove very difficult to remove, Thallax for mobility and tank hunting, tech thralls for tarpitting and myrmidon secutors/destructors at higher points for more firepower and dealing with 2+ or 3+ saves.
Expect lots of big blasts, and enginseers to keep them coming at higher points!

What’s your initial 1000 points list and why?

My initial list consist of:

Archmagos Prime (295pts) this may get tweaked

augury Scanner, Conversion Beamer, Nanyte blaster Master Crafted, Ordinator, Cyber familiar, Djinn-skein, 1x cyber occularis


Thallax x 3 (165)
Destructor, multi – melta

Thallax x 6 (275)
2x phase plasma-fusil

Adsecularis covenant x20 (120 pts)
Induction Chargers, Revenant Alchemistry, The Right of pure thought


Ordo Reductor Artillery Tank Battery x1 (145pts)
1x Ordo Reductor Artillery
Blessed Autosimulacra, Mars-Colossus bombards

I chose this list to try and build an all comers list to start me off in the tale. Archmagos to provide fire support and some protection from infiltrate, Cyber occularis to provide line of sight for artillery should it be needed. Adsecularis to tarpit or claim objectives depending on situation. 1 thallax units tank hunting, the other dealing with MEQ blobs their -2 to targets cover save special rule will help here. Ordo Reductor Artillery to provide further fire support and try and weaken/wipe out enemy units on the advance or holding objectives.

Thanks for reading!


So there we have it, third army in and we've already deviated from power armour! I think things are shaping up nicely, lots of differing approaches to the games, which will mean some pretty interesting match-ups. As always if you have any comments/tips to impart please stick them in the comment section and I'll make sure Tom gets the message! Hopefully the next post on this will be lupine in nature.

Till next time,

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