Thursday, 11 August 2016

Horus Heresy Tale of Gamers - Part 4: Death Guard

Greetings all, welcome to the next part of the horus heresy tale of gamers series. Today we have a rather more brief post than usual - Martin has stepped up to give us the merest hint of his motivation and plans for the toughest of legions - the Death Guard. Over to you Martin, don't get too wordy about things!

Which Legion/faction are you collecting?

Death Guard

What attracted you to them?

The word DEATH

What do you consider to be their strengths/weaknesses?


How are you using these strengths to your advantage and how are you minimising the weaknesses?

Try and be sturdy and control the board, try not to die.

How do you foresee yourself using the legion/faction? What rites of war and special units are you using?

Using them as an impact force, alpha strike hard or go home.

What’s your initial 1000 points list and why?

Death guard nasty shizzle with Mr Typhon to start

Right, okay, erm, thanks Martin! Cloaked in secrecy, kind of appropriate I guess for Mortarion's legion given what a sneaky bugger he was known for being.

I think it's probably safe to say that there will be plenty of tough stuff in Martin's army, including terminators, and with Typhon's chem bombardment ability, bringing in 3 large blast templates then any enemies sticking to an infantry focus will have something to worry about.

Knowing Martin I wouldn't be surprised to see his army with a fairly low model count and Typhon at the centre of a really nasty unit, if his dice didn't so often betray him his win ratio would be much, much higher than it already is!

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