Monday, 1 August 2016

July Review - mainly Knight related.

Greetings all, and welcome to my July review, which is taking the place of this week's hobby update as I was away on holiday last week so didn't get anything done!

so let's have a look at my hobby resolutions first as always:
  • Paint 500pts of Emperor's Children. Nothing yet, look for this to start in September.
  • place in the top half of two tournaments. No tournaments this month.
  • Organise Hero for a Day - we are getting very close now, and the next monthly review will have a report on how things went! That being said, there are still tickets available so if you want to come along, PLEASE DROP ME A LINE!
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. Well I said last month the knight would count towards this, but he's not quite finished yet, so this one's a fail.
  • Play a big game (5000pts). No
  • Win rates - Just the one game this month thanks to missing 2 club days for my holiday and a third spent on a magic the gathering cube. I did win it though so 100% for the fists again!
  • No games against Ryan last month, my next chance to pick up is this Thursday!
  • 5000 blog views per month. Smashed this one again, 13,356 this time. There's definitely been quite a lot of bot traffic in the last week of the month but even without that I think I'd have been around the 10,000 mark so very pleased indeed!
  • 1 unit review per week. Next month. September I'll get cracking on them again I promise!
Blog Achievements

The main one this month was definitely the views, seeing the numbers break five figures again even with lots of hits from Russia.


I am now over half way to being paid! July 8th was the best day of the month, earning me a grand total of 67 pence (there was one day when I was credited for about £1.42, but that was deleted shortly after for some reason). The best individual hit though came on the 12th, with a single click generating 51 pence.


This month was wholly centred on the knight, but with Sire Gabriel almost being finished next month you should be able to see the last few bits of the Iron Fists before I crack onto Emperor's Children and more Dusk Knights (I have a lot of them on the table primed and ready).


Lots of stuff got built this month - my devastators, some more librarians, honour guard and with some vanguard to come. Reinforcements are most definitely in line for the Dusk Knights.

Till next time!

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