Wednesday, 21 September 2016

400th post! Nothing like a random milestone to celebrate success!

Congratulations to me!

As the title says, there's nothing quite like a random milestone to celebrate, and celebrate it I will!

Doesn't actually seem that long since I was writing a similar article for my 300th post, and when I look back I find that it really isn't. It was actually on the 24th January this year, so I've managed 100 posts in just 8 months. Blimey, I have been busy haven't I! Here's to the next 100, can I do that by Christmas do you think, haha?

I think therefore it's perhaps an appropriate time to drop another hint about my forthcoming project. This one is going to be in the form of a word.


The next clue may not be so obvious, it may be hidden in a picture or alluded to in a post title, you'll just have to keep checking!

Till next time,

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