Thursday, 1 September 2016

August Review - Hero for a Day actually happened!

Greetings all - another month has passed, another review of my hobby progress, and this one marks two thirds of the way through the year!

so let's have a look at my hobby resolutions first as always:
  • Paint 500pts of Emperor's Children. First paint is going on models today, so four months to get stuff done, should be achievable.
  • place in the top half of two tournaments. No tournaments this month (hfad doesn't really count).
  • Organise Hero for a Day. YES! Done! There were certainly moments when I didn't think I'd be ready, and there are definitely things to improve on next time, but it was a success, raising over £1300 for the charity in question (donations are still being taken until 20th September!)
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. Another fail, I spent too much time working on hfad this month to complete much.
  • Play a big game (5000pts). No, I'm probably going to end up squeezing this in at the last minute.
  • Win rates - Not good. The Tau got smashed at HFAD winning only 25%. I only played two other games, with the Tau again getting pasted by Ryan's marines and the Emperor's Children test list doing a great job destroying some mechanicum.
  • Two games, two losses vs Ryan this month. I can't see me rescuing this by the end of the year, but we'll give it a go!
  • 5000 blog views per month. Not exactly stellar this month, but considering the limited posting I've done, 6,652 was decent, and lots of nice comments coming in!
  • 1 unit review per week. I promised you reviews in September and reviews you shall have - I'll probably start with the new Kill Team rules, which GW promise me I'll be able to pick up free thankfully!
Blog Achievements

Well this month the clear outstanding achievement for the blog was hero for a day. I may not have hit the 20 participants I was hoping for, but it didn't matter and the ten guys who came along all seemed to have a really good time, plus we raised a stonking amount of cash for a very good charity!


A much quieter month this month, only £1.66 added to my account. Still, it's all going in the right direction and again my quieter posting schedule through August probably hasn't helped that much.


The knight isn't quite finished, but he's almost there and won't need much help to get done. I've started back on the Dusk Knights again, and also got some paint onto the Emperor's Children so models will be progressing once more. I need to get a bit more organised in terms of what I paint and not butterfly around too much, but I'm pleased to be back on the wagon.


Even more built this month than last, with a full squad of calth terminators for the dusk knights, plus a converted contemptor for them (only minor work) and all the Emperor's Children units on the table. I made my first lava bases this week too (corks tiles for the win!) which was fun,

All in all, a very successful month I think, and I look forward to finishing some squads in September!

Oh yeah, and just as a final note, I also came to the conclusion this week that the Iron Fists will be absorbed into the Dusk Knights in an effort to rationalise my marine collection. This may mean a few model sales, but is most likely to be a repainting job.

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