Thursday, 29 September 2016

Dreadtober - a pledge, a contest and some very stretched rules!

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Right then everyone, after being a disappointing failure during last year's Dreadtober challenge, I've completely failed to plan properly for it again this year (next year, I will be prepared!) and rather than having something ready and waiting I've literally just finished painting my Contemptor Dreadnought.

Whilst I won't therefore be able to actually take part, I wanted to join in with the spirit of the challenge so needed to find something to paint that was loosely related to the contest.

Clearly it would have to be a challenge worthy of spending a whole month working on it, but that's not a problem, I've got plenty of things that will take time (including another drop pod, oh lord no!).

At the same time I managed to talk myself into a painting contest with my good pal Tom from my club, the idea being we would each complete a squad, a transport and an HQ in the month (eek!). Now I've got a drop pod that's nearly finished (hooray!) and plenty of HQ units that I can work on (well, 2). That left me with the need to find a squad to paint.

You know where I'm going here don't you, already, and I've not even told you yet.

Yes, the Cataphractii terminators will get a paint job in October!!!
Cataphractii Terminator Squad
I've been wanting a good reason to get these guys under the brush ever since I bought them, so it'll be great fun getting them done in a month for the challenge.

Now, I simply have to paint one every three days, plus a little extra work on another librarian for my conclave, and Bob's your uncle (well, technically he's my Mum's cousin, but we call him uncle).

Now, I just need to figure out how to get these guys 1st company status across, white helmets are a given, but I want something else as well, any suggestions? Bolter casings might be a cool option for something different?

All suggestions welcome!

Till next time,

PS - as this post goes live I'll be testing out the Dusk Knights on the table for the first time in a proper, fully painted game! Wish me luck, it's against 'I just rolled 3 sixes' Ryan!

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