Monday, 19 September 2016

Hobby update 19/9/16 - Painting underway once more.

Greetings all,
Seems like ages since I last wrote a post on here! I've been on holiday in the meantime, in a cottage without wifi, at which point I discovered just how much I use my phone to stay in touch with things!

Still, I'm back now and refreshed, even if holidays in the UK with two kids under 4 and a 7 hour drive each way don't quite bring the same relaxation levels as sitting round a pool in the sun for a fortnight!

I did take a few models with me and whilst I didn't get much opportunity, things have progressed a lot from the last update!

As you can see from the main photo, I've managed to get all my terminators based, even though some of the bases haven't got quite the same amount of detail as most of my dusk knights (the bases were done a while ago for another project and I couldn't face chipping all the sand off and starting again).

The big fella has come on a lot since the last update too, and whilst annoyingly I discovered last night that I'd forgotten to put the last highlight on in the early hours of Sunday morning, he's only half an hour or so from being finished totally.

Here are all the progress photos up to the last one on Saturday night.

Forgive the glare from my painting light, I didn't want to risk the wrath of the good lady by putting any other room lights on! Hopefully this should improve soon as we're decorating the bedroom and new bedside lamps with led lights are prepped and ready!

He needs the barrels drilling from the guns, chapter symbol and final highlights on the eye lenses and weathering, but otherwise he's there. The really eagle-eyed amongst you will notice there's a change to the hazard striping on the leg, which is because they didn't match up in my first attempt.

For anyone who follows me on instagram (@feydan13) you'll know I was also hoping to get a landspeeder done whilst I was away. Well, that didn't happen, but I have made progress since we came back, so here's a few more photos.

This model was originally bought to be a part of my Iron Fists force, but has since been re-tasked to be the first of three speeders with this weapon loadout for the Dusk Knights. I reckon it's probably about a third done now, with the main work left on the crew.

I may add a couple more speeders from my Iron Fists armoury, I'm debating whether or not to sell the raptor wing I have for them and start again, or just adapt the paint jobs. Currently I'm leaning towards the first option as one of the storm talons is a bit dodgy (rescue job and some parts weren't fitted correctly).

One of the main reasons however that I've not made much progress since the last update is that I've also been working on a new project. It's fairly secret at the moment, but look for a big reveal in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this...

Reports from the adeptus mechanicus have been received regarding an heretical discovery in the sol system. It seems that something, new, is being developed.

Till next time,

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