Monday, 26 September 2016

Hobby update 26/9/16 - Land speeder and Contemptor, plus an announcement or two

Let's start with the good news then - this year I've decided to take part in the 40kaddict hobby season, and this week marks my first stamp of approval from my hobby list.
Without further ado then, here it is, the Land Speeder 'Hailstorm'.

I think I hinted previously that I'd got a little plan for the bases of these landspeeders (this is the first of three). It's not necessarily that obvious, but the base is detailed with pieces from the old space marine landspeeder, which I've painstakingly hacked apart. It's painted up in classic death guard colours too, a scheme I've always been keen to give a go, and I must say I do like the combination.

Really pleased with this model, so looking forward to getting the next two bought and assembled ready for painting!

There's not a huge amount of other stuff to report on the painting progress front this week, but here's a pic of something else I managed to splash a bit of paint on whilst working on the land speeder.
This fella should easily be finished this week so you'll see an update next week on him hopefully, he's part of the brotherhood of librarians that support the Dusk Knights in field operations, this one is a pyromancer.

Ok, so that's all the painting progress I've made this week, let's move onto other things shall we?

I've been dropping the odd hint over the last few posts about something I'm working on, but event hough the hints have been fairly obscure, there have been plenty of attempts to pick apart my narrative to see what I'm pointing at. No-one has hit the nail on the head so far I'm afraid, so I'm going to keep forging ahead with dropping those hints and I hope I can reveal something a bit more significant next week - keep the faith!

Next up, I have advance news of a giveaway I'll be running to celebrate the 400th post on the blog (thanks for the nudge Siph, it was a good idea!). I've seen a couple of my fellow bloggers (ok, three) run stuff like this in recent times, so when Siph suggested it I figured why not?

Essentially, I will be making a list of all my blog and google+ followers, and will pick a random entry from that list to receive the prize. What is the prize I hear you ask? Simple, it's my Kabal of the Burning Eye Razorwing Jetfighter. I may even throw in a couple of extras if I'm feeling particularly generous!

Till next time, there is only war!

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