Monday, 5 September 2016

Hobby update - 5/9/16 - WiP!

Greetings all, welcome to the inner workings of the clockwork potato that runs my hobby life for me, and today the eyes turn once more to updating my progress on the various planning/construction/painting/gaming projects that I have on the go all at once.

Having now settled almost all the dust from the various events etc that have dominated August for me, and having built (almost) all the decks I want to from the MtG cards the wonderful Rob Hill presented me with at hfad, I turned my attention last night to the ground zero that my garage has become over the last few weeks.

I've finally (I hope) found a home for the last couple of Eldar pieces I have lying around, and with only a razorwing jetfighter and a couple of minor bits still to get rid of from my Dark Eldar collection I finally felt in a position to make some proper progress on organising things again.

My hobby cupboard now boasts a much neater collection of Dusk Knights finished models, and the picture above represents some of the occasionally started, but mostly just built/undercoated squads that are next in line for some paintwork.

Last time, I showed you the heavy bolter marine from my next tactical squad, but today I got distracted again, and put some basic layers down on something else instead. What? I hear you ask? Ok, I'll tell you. Something rather bigger than a Tactical Marine.

Now the really sharp-eyed amongst you will not only spot that this is the Betrayal at Calth Contemptor, but also that it's been slightly modified from the basic model. Other of you will know that I was intending to convert it because I've talked about it before on this and other blogs...

Essentially all I've done is narrowed the hips slightly but this has had a twofold effect.

  1. The torso now appears (to my eyes) to be more balanced on top of the hips rather than mounted on an axle between them.
  2. I've been able to position the legs to appear as though they are striding across the battlefield rather than just sauntering.
The first of these points is something that has always bugged me about the Betrayal at Calth Contemptor, so here's a comparison photo for you where you can see how I've narrowed things down.
It may not be drastic, but I think it makes a noticeable difference.

Part way through last week I also made a start on my Emperor's Children models, and though I've not got very far with it, here's what I've done so far.
The armour plates will all be getting the blended highlights, and a gloss finish, before I add chips/scratches/weathering. Only the purple plates will be a gloss finish so it shouldn't look like I've just gloss varnished the whole thing, and the weathering should still come out matte to give a nice contrast between the polished armour and the damaged parts.

I'm having to restrain myself from painting Eidolon until I've got the scheme down, so expect to see the tactical support marines first.

Now, I did promise a little more focus after hfad, and I realise this isn't exactly delivering that, but on this occasion I just really wanted to paint the contemptor. Once I get back to a normal routine after holidays etc then I'll settle back into a proper painting schedule I promise, but until then indulge me my friends!

The Dusk Knights have a pretty full list of stuff to paint, so starting from left to right in the main picture we have 5  Honour Guard for Chapter Master Regulo, 4 Grav Cannon Devastators, 4 Conclave Librarians, 4 Missile Launcher Devastators, Tactical Squad Segundo, 4 part built Plasma Cannon Devastators, Devastator Sergeant mostly painted (my test figure for this scheme).

On top of that, I'm re-tasking a landspeeder from the Iron Fists that I've barely started painting, and have another drop pod to build, then a squad of five vanguard veterans.

Oh yes, and I almost forgot, last night I also did a few bases for these guys:

Plenty to be working on as you can see! Hopefully next update I'll have a lot more progress for you to see - it may not be next Monday as I've got some time off work with the family so am less likely to have time to post as usual, and won't be able to paint at lunchtimes!

Till next time,

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