Saturday, 8 October 2016

40k giveaway - win a free Razorwing Jetfighter!

Greetings all!

A few days ago (probably more) I posted up to say that I would be running a giveaway to celebrate hitting 400 posts on my blog, and I've finally got round to doing something about it!

So, what are the rules?

1. UK entrants only (postage costs abroad stretch my budget too far at this point I'm afraid)
2. You must sign up to follow the blog using the google+ gadget on the left hand side of the blog.
3. Leave a comment below stating why you love my blog and an excuse as to why you haven't signed up to follow it already ;). Only kidding, you do need to leave a comment, however the topic for your reply is 'what is the one thing I'd like to see included in a tournament to encourage fluffy, narrative led gaming and list building.
4. You have until the 31st October to enter, at which point I will choose the winner from amongst the entrants based on what I consider to be the most interesting, original and innovative response. Clearly therefore my decision is final.

I will then contact the winner to arrange delivery of the item.

Good luck, and get your thinking caps on people!

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