Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Everybody loves a man-cave!

Greetings all,

no draft posts in the queue close to publishing, didn't post anything yesterday, but feel the need to publish something. Welcome to some random thoughts from my head and a quick update on everything I'm doing hobby-related at the moment!


A couple of weeks ago, things came to a head, the garage had been 'taken over' by my 'little plastic men' and there was nowhere for my long suffering wife to put the washing while she emptied the tumble dryer (oh the horror!).

We needed 'a talk'.

I'm sure you're all familiar with that feeling, like the one where you check your bank balance and realise you didn't actually have the £250 you blew on models last week.

Still, I could acknowledge that the garage was a mess and something needed to be done (in my mind that involved removing everything that wasn't 'little plastic men' and putting it somewhere else, but that was never going to happen was it?) so I took a deep breath and listened.

Thankfully, my wife is actually very reasonable, and whilst if I ask her opinion about a model I've just finished she'll tell me it's great before she looks up from her book, she really does get that it's nice for me to have some hobby space (even if it's only so I don't paint whilst I'm sat in our newly decorated and furnished bed).

A compromise then, I would have the front half of the garage completely dedicated for my hobby stuff, and we'd separate it from the rear half, which was to be totally plastic men free. I can live with that. I even managed to agree that the separation would consist of a new display cabinet for all my models, with twin glass doors, and possibly even little lights so I can really show off!

The main issue is that our only access to the back garden is also through the garage, so I would have to leave space for bins to be taken through on a weekly basis. That meant a permanent 6'x4' table was out of the question (well, technically it's possible, but it results in a lot of scraped elbows and bashed table corners) so I needed to come up with a solution.

Which is now under construction! I will be building a permanent 4'x4' table, complete with storage shelves for project boxes, scenery, codexes etc underneath, and there will also be a removable 4'x2' section that can be added when I'm actually playing games. Last night I began construction, attaching some 2'x2' chipboard panels to battens to form the base of the board (onto which I could place my modular terrain tiles - see there is a grand plan) and attaching another batten to the wall of the garage that would secure the boards and make sure they didn't wobble at all (a major flaw of my previous attempts at a garage table).

There aren't any photos yet as it still just looks like a garage wall with a piece of wood attached to it, but when it's finished this will become the home of the grim dark brotherhood, a place where plans will be hatched, battles will be fought and wars will be won and lost.

Painting progress

Anyone who follows me on instagram (@feydan13) will know that my painting progress has been monstering along of late, and in fact last night was the first night for a few days when I didn't at least get some paint on something. There's a reason for this - actually there's more than one. After the burnout of hero for a day I'm really enjoying getting back on the hobby horse (haha) and I feel like the models I'm currently churning out are some of the best I've ever done. That in itself encourages me to paint more because I can look back with pride at my latest finished projects. Second, now I've sold the Iron Fists (I'm finding it surprisingly easy to let them go to be honest, not like the Dark Eldar earlier this year) I have only a single space marine force available to me and it's currently not very viable on the tabletop, so I'm working hard to correct that. Thirdly, and probably most importantly, I'm currently in a challenge against Tom, the other brotherhood founding member, to finish painting a squad, a pod and a character in a month. Now thankfully the pod is mostly done already anyway, but I'm trying hard to get ahead on the painting of the terminators so I can give appropriate attention to the next librarian in the box - the telepath. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can differentiate a telepath from other kinds of librarians let me know. At the moment, all I can think is to paint his head as though all the colour is draining from it, with black depthless pools for eyes and possibly some black patterns emerging from them.

Once that is done and we hit November, it's going to be full steam ahead on painting up the rest of the Dusk Knights basic list - more landspeeders, more tactical marines and lots of scout bikers. Oh yeah, and probably another pod! Then it'll be on to honour guard and vanguard veterans and possibly something airborne that I may ask for as a birthday gift.


I'm definitely mixing it up with gaming at the moment. Last week another Tau player and I joined up to take on a nid and daemon alliance at my club. We knew we were going to be facing a harridan. Eek, that's nearly 750pts of model right away that I have little to use to combat in my Tau list. What we didn't know was that in addition to that, we'd be up against a flyrant (could have guessed that one), a hive crone (total shock), Fateweaver (reasonably predictable) and Be'Lakor (colour me clueless about that one).

For the first couple of turns we held our own, even taking the advantage a bit when we annihilated the Hive Crone on turn 1, but our shooting on turns 3 and 4 really let us down, which combined with losing a 500+pt HQ unit to a Tyranid beastie meant that by turn 4 we'd had it.

Games Workshop

I have to say I'm absolutely loving GW at the minute, especially their responses to online product leaks. Well done guys, well done. For a while there you really did seem like you were intent on alienating your customer base, but you're turning it around. Can't wait for Necromunda!

Grim Dark Brotherhood

Last then, and certainly not least, there's still lots of work going on behind the scenes in relation to the brotherhood, I spend lots of time daydreaming that one day this will become a hugely successful business and I'll be able to go and work in this industry and make a good living out of it, but there's a long way to go before that happens. In the meantime, I'm lining up lots of exciting posts on the brotherhood blog to explain what we're doing and what you can expect to see from us in the future, including featured armies, tutorials, both painting and modelling, the fighting pit and what it is, and how we'll be looking to bring you some very cool battle reports once the man cave is up and running.

Till next time,

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