Monday, 10 October 2016

Hobby update - 10/10/16. Consider yourself terminated.

Greetings all, time for another hobby update and as you can see from the above, I've been very much focused on getting the Cataphractii terminators painted and the squad is now 30% done, hoping to get another mostly done tonight.

Two other major things have happened this week.

First - We launched the blog, facebook group and forum for the grim dark brotherhood, a venture myself and my good friend Tom are undertaking, to bring all aspects of the hobby into a series of tournaments, and to collect the very best examples and tutorials together into one place so that hobbyists can get the best advice to have a fully rounded collection

Second - The Iron Fists will no longer appear on this blog. I have sold them, the funds going towards finishing the basic list for the dusk knights and getting myself some tools I've not had for a while and will very much need if the Grim Dark Brotherhood venture is to be successful.

So, on to hobby progress then! Last night I finally got to do some work on replacing the gaming board in my garage, and whilst I was at it, I also got started on building the first of three fighting pit boards for the GDB. Once it got too cold in there to do any more though, I popped back inside and finished the third terminator. Here are all three finished models so far in all their glory!

This first model is Sergeant Rico, the grenade harness at least means that his power sword isn't a waste once he charges across a particularly rough patch of grass. I've added a bit more gore to the power sword since this photo, and I want to make that much more of a feature of the assault elements of the dusk knights - I'm weathering the armour so why shouldn't the weapons show the results of the war they're fighting too?

Brother Eberardo, I know that strictly speaking the heavy flamer isn't a great weapon to put on a squad as expensive as terminators, but it's so characterful I couldn't resist, and by adding the chainfist to the same model, I minimise the number of 'special' models I need to protect within the unit. See, fluffy stuff and more competitive reasoning joining together on a single model!

Brother Fidel. I love me some lightning claws but the logic of taking a pair on the terminators, who are really limited in terms of how they can get into position to charge, meant a reduction in the fire output of the squad. I really like the flexibility the Cataphractii datasheet allows in this regard, as I give up an extra attack to gain re-rolls to wound and striking at initiative. Now all I need is a Chaplain in terminator armour and I'll be re-rolling just about everything they have!

I'm particularly proud of the blood and gore effect on the lightning claws for brother Fidel, which you can see in greater detail below. It's a technique I'll be covering in more detail over on the GDB blog soon!

Till next time, 'I'll be back!'

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