Monday, 17 October 2016

Hobby update - 17/10/16 - don't get distracted!

Hi all,
Monday again, it's must be time to update you the progress of my various hobby projects from the last week.

Looking back, I can see that last week I showed you the first three terminators of my monthly challenge. I can proudly now show you the first combat squad completed!

I've really enjoyed painting these fellas up, and even though each one has taken a couple of days to complete, I've not got bored of them yet (must be that whole no batch painting thing)!

That being said, my good buddy Tom did provide me with some underhanded distraction on Thursday, as I became the proud owner of another box of crisis suits and a broadside. It's almost as if he doesn't want me to finish our challenge I think!
Still, I ploughed on regardless for a whole day, getting this pod weathered at last.
 I've gone pretty heavy on the weathering on this one, mainly because I can easily imagine the paint on a drop pod is probably the last thing on an artificer's list when returning from a campaign.

After that I did get sidetracked, and put together the broadside suit and primed it ready for painting. It's actually the last model I needed to be able to field the retaliation cadre from the Tau book so with the new suits I should finally be able to actually field a farsight enclaves Tau list, though I still need to do plenty of work on that.

I further caused myself a few problems by starting the paintjob on that when I should really have been painting terminators. Oh well, nevermind, I've got most of Saturday in my local stockist teaching people to paint so hopefully I'll be able to bash out a few terminators then instead.

In the meantime, here's the first WiP of the Broadside with my new Tau colour scheme, sans highlighting, then a few more pics of the terminators.

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