Monday, 24 October 2016

Hobby update - 24/10/16. Ruined cityscape, and more Dusk Knight reinforcements.

G-g-g-greetings all!

First, let me apologise for not posting more last week, the days got away from me! Second, I've got therefore what is a bumper post of progress to show you all!

Ok, so let's try and get some order to this post for you shall we? When I left you last week I had been frantically painting up Cataphractii Terminators and had the first five of my full squad completed, but then a box of new toys arrived and I was trying hard not to get distracted.

Guess, what? I got distracted. This:

quickly became this:

which not-so-quickly became these:

and later on these:

Combined with the tactical squad that arrived at the same time, which I haven't started building (yet) I will then have a fully functional 1850pt Dusk Knights list to field on the table. The bikes above are three squads of scout bikes to fulfill the requirements of the 10th company task force to accompany my battle demi-company.

Construction has most definitely slowed since then, but I have also acquired a second contemptor to accompany Ancient Sosimo on the battlefield (and I'm looking out for a third on the sprue if anyone is looking to sell for around £15).

Then, on Saturday, I was doing my dutiful 'giving back to the public' bit supporting our local stockist (who also gives our club members a discount) by giving painting lessons to customers who wanted to learn. Ably supported by another club member Lee (who said he reads the blog so I figured I'd give him a shout out!) we had nine people in during the day painting space marines, including one who stopped with us for over four hours! I hadn't anticipated that painting lessons would be quite so popular, so to see such a turnout was great, though it did mean I didn't progress quite as far with the remaining terminators as I'd anticipated. This is their current state, so there's plenty still to be done if I'm to meet my target of finishing this squad, a librarian and a drop pod this month.

Then over the rest of the weekend, I turned my attention back to the Grim Dark Brotherhood's needs, putting together the 26 buildings shown in the picture above, and applying texture paint to this one.
It's now also been primed black ready for painting in whatever scheme we decide to go with for our city board.

Speaking of boards, the brotherhood had a meeting on Tuesday evening to plan a few things out, and one of the parts of that was the boards we'll be making for our events. I'm finally going to get round to painting my necromunda scenery that's been sat in a box for at least 2 years!
More will be added to make this into a decent full-sized table of scenery with some feature pieces and scatter terrain - but you'd better hope you've got skilled rider if you're using bikes on this board!

Well that's all for now folks,
tune in next time for a few thoughts on Genestealer Cults (seriously, is everyone doing an army of these guys?) and how I'm going to be progressing that planned army and another at the same time after Christmas.

Till next time,

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