Monday, 3 October 2016

Hobby update - 3/10/16

Greetings all, welcome to another hobby update!

Stellar progress this week quite honestly, with lots of completed stuff for the Dusk Knights (well, it feels like lots of stuff at any rate)!

When I last update you all, I had just finished the Hailstorm, my Dusk Knights Landspeeder. Sadly it didn't get too much chance to perform in my game on Thursday as it got targeted by a havoc autocannon squad, but I'm certainly willing to give it another chance (I'll have to, a squadron of them is a key part of my plans...)

So, I gave you a sneak peak of the librarian I was working on this time last week too, he's now finished:
I'm really pleased with the overall effect here, the hooded head and the legs really give the model the feel of striding forward purposefully, intent on the destruction of his foes, and the flame effect around his robes worked as well as I could have hoped. There's a similar effect on his blade too, those this photo doesn't show it.

Following that success, I ploughed on to get my third librarian finished so that I could field a conclave:
The power-specific effect on this guy is a bit more subtle than my other two librarians, but I think possibly the best of all, this guy rolls on geokinesis and the observant amongst you will have noticed his lower leg greaves and boots are a different colour to the rest of the army. The effect is intended to represent cracked stone so let me know if I've hit the mark with him or not eh?

I figured as I'd shown you the latest two librarians I might as well detail the first one too. Hopefully the lightning pattern on the armour makes it clear that this guy rolls on the fulmination table.

Next up then, I put some effort into more of the rank and file guys, and brother Ilsandro was the first to be finished.
I just loved the nonchalance of this pose, carrying a heavy bolter around like some kind of normal sidearm. I put some effort into the base too, the idea being that he was stamping the manhole shut on whatever rebel element was trying to crawl out of it.

On Friday night, my wife went out with some friends, so I got the evening to spend working on my painting once more, and got Sergeants Gonzalo (Tactical) and Camilo (Devastator) finished.

I'm not sure why I made the effort to get the sergeants done first, I think I just liked the models more than the others on my to-do pile.

Then on Saturday, we hit October, so I needed to get cracking on my challenge with Tom, and therefore despite the garage needing quite a lot of tidying, I managed over the evenings of the weekend to get this guy finished. Meet Terminator Sergeant Rico.
Now I know what you're thinking - 'where's all the cream gone?'
Well, I didn't fancy trying to mix cream and white on one model, particularly as each of those elements would be on a limited amount of the model in question, and I wanted the Dusk Knights to adhere broadly to the normal astartes distinction of Veteran Squads using white helmets. Only doing the helmet however would mean that the white would be quite lost on the model, so I needed to add a few bits of white onto the model.

White weapon casings look great when I've seen them elsewhere, but I've always hesitated to try them myself due to the well know difficulty of dealing with white over a dark undercoat. Given my more recent mastery however of the yellow for the hazard stripes on the Dusk Knights, I figured I'd give it a go, and I could always revert back to an easier scheme if I screwed it up. That still wasn't enough white though, so I also decided to do the gauntlets (which would carry through to power fists & lightning claws on the appropriately armed models) and the pteruges under the shoulder pads and at the waistband. Finally I was happy with the balance of white on the model.

The other thing I've been working on recently is power weapon effects, As you can see from the librarians I've completed, I've done three different types already. They were more centrepiece or focal point models though, and this needed to be more subtle, so I settled for a basic coat of leadbelcher, glazed with Guilliman Blue and with a bit of gore added to the blade edge where it's been used in anger.

I was really pleased with the final effect on this guy, and having only taken me two evenings to complete I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the squad done in time to allow me to complete the rest of my challenge this month.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the above models, please do let me know, I'm always looking to make my models better!

Till next time,

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