Monday, 31 October 2016

Hobby update - 31/10/16 - terminators, drop pod, and some other stuff!

The entire finished dusk knights army so far
Greetings all! Time for another hobby update once more, and though I posted up a showcase on my terminators as an extra hobby post last week, they're still the focus of the hobby update this week. Yes, I'm that pleased with them! There is other stuff (including a cool Dreadtober style idea) though so read on...

Right, let's get on with it, Terminators! If you've not seen the detail photos of the Terminators yet then have a look here. Otherwise, here are some more pics that aren't in that post.

Dusk Knights Cataphracts
First up, we have a promo type shot, and this one has lots of interesting bits to report! First of course is the actual terminator squad in all their finished glory. On top of that though, you'll no doubt(!) recognise Captain Alvaro from my previous finished posts, but you'll also notice that these guys are inhabiting a ruin that won't look familiar. This is the first of the laser cut ruins that the Grim Dark Brotherhood have acquired, looking to use them in our events coming next year (look out for something interesting along those lines later in this post). It's been given three quick drybrush layers in my patent pending ruins combination to make sure it blends with all the bases on my models! That is to say it's stormvermin fur, steel legion drab and karak stone in gradually lighter layers.

Last night, I finished up the second drop pod for the Dusk Knights, which was also being painted (well, finished, I started painting it ages ago) as part of my monthly challenge (pods are particularly annoying for me as they don't fit into the painting box I take to work to progress in my lunch breaks). I'm sure you'll all feel my pain over painting drop pods so I was highly delighted to have finished the second (number three is a box of bits at present awaiting construction!). So delighted in fact, I set out all the finished Dusk Knights models so far (bar one as that's a squad sergeant with no squad) and took some quick piccies.

As you can imagine from these photos, the next focus for these guys is to get some more basic infantry painted, they're a little light on tactical marines for your average battle company strike force!


Ok so this isn't for me, and you've seen it with models on already, but here's another pic of the first finished building for the Grim Dark Brotherhood.

More stuff has been secured and assembled last week, including something BIG for our industrial board, with lots more to come!

Finally, we have an idea for our first tournament, linked with the challenge I've been trying out over the last month or so.

We have said all along that the Grim Dark Brotherhood is all about the hobby, not just gaming, but painting and narrative as well. We figured that in order to launch our first event properly therefore we'd have a little competition. Now the details need to be ironed out before we announce it properly, but the intention is to run a little contest over on the GD blog, with Tom, Martin and I judging the entries. Essentially this will be to complete the painting on a squad, pod and a character for one of your armies. Now, don't worry, it won't just be limited to codex marine armies, but basically you'll have a month to get an infantry squad (min 10 models), a transport and a character painted. They can be in progress at the start of the challenge if you wish (well, some of them), it's not a painting race, but the idea is to encourage you all to finish those units that you're going to want to use. For me, I went with 10 terminators, a partially finished drop pod and a librarian. The pod pretty much had to be work in progress already as the first took me a month to paint on its own, but the terminators and librarian were all yet to be started and the pod maybe 60% done.

And the prize for this? Well, free entry into our first tournament of course!

I'll leave you with that idea for now, and hopefully I'll have more posts for you this week as I look at finishing off the libby for the challenge tonight then moving onto some assembly and painting of more basic Dusk Knight stuff!

Till next time,

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