Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Reinforcements have arrived!

Right then people, time to sit up and take notice, as a very nice (and very tall) man in a brown uniform knocked on my door this morning (thankfully about ten minutes after my poorly 1-year-old had woken up from her nap).

He handed me a box.

A brown cardboard box.

A brown cardboard box sent from an online retailer of GW plastics.

It's very hard for me to keep a lid on the excitement this box brought me, so I'll just show you what was inside it instead shall I?
Yes that's right, two more landspeeders to give Hailstorm some company (I'm thinking Blizzard and the classic Tornado).

Three scout bike squads. Yes, I've just sold a load of bikes, and now I'm buying more, but these guys are great for getting a cheap auxiliary choice on the table that is still highly effective.

Another tactical squad. Yes, that makes three in total, so lots more work on the building bench and then I'll be able to field a full demi company rather than one with limited squad sizes.

There are a couple of other things in that box too, and the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted the Genestealer Cult codex, to accompany the datacards for that faction.

These will be my project for next year, adding little bits at a time and combining them with some work on the Astra Militarum I've been promising myself I'd start again for at least a year. Look out for a review of the codex on the brotherhood blog soon, but a review with a narrative leaning as is that blog's purpose.

Finally, I spent an enjoyable hour or so last night performing open heart surgery on possibly the worst built dreadnought I've ever seen. Notwithstanding that it was one of the static two-part bodies form the starter sets, its former owner had not even clipped it off the frame properly and filed off the little stumps of plastic where it attached to the sprues before painting it. I say painting it, that's a very loose description. Someone had wafted blue, silver and gold paint at it, seemingly with a 1" decorating brush, as if making it a '3-colour minimum' success!

Into the nail varnish remover it went and the paint came off easily enough. A deep rummage through my bits box uncovered a rather more exciting sarcophagus, formerly part of a blood angels death company dreadnought kit. I also found twin lascannons and assault cannon weapon arms, along with a couple more power fist arms and both melta and heavy flamer underslung weapons. These all went into the stripping pot (I wonder how many clicks that phrase will get me!) and when they were all bare plastic, I set to with my dremel to remove the sarcophagus. Half an hour later, and following a last minute order off ebay for some green stuff, I have the following model to add to the dusk knight collection.
The lascannons won't be separated that far from the body when it's done, I had three magnets in my work box so to avoid losing the last one, I stuck it there for safe keeping. It'll get removed when I get some more for the left arm and spare weapons.

The plan is to also remove the blood angels iconography and replace it with black templars related stuff, once my green stuff order arrives!

Next up on the work bench is a kill team's worth of scouts and space marine bikes. These guys will be rather more draped in gear than my usual stuff so should look pretty different. They will still be dusk knights though!

Till next time,

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