Tuesday, 4 October 2016

September review - 75% finished!

Tempus fugit and all that - three-quarters of the year is done! September is over so it must be time to review my hobby achievements over the year once more! As ever, I'll remove resolutions that have been completed so they're not clogging up the review.

  • Paint 500pts of Emperor's Children. Nothing more has been painted yet as I concentrate on the Dusk Knights to get them onto the table in a proper balanced way.
  • Place in the top half of two tournaments. No tournaments this month.
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. Contemptor, Land Speeder, 2 Librarians and 3 marines, I think it's safe to say this time it's a pass.
  • Play a big game (5000pts). No, I'm probably going to end up squeezing this in at the last minute.
  • Win rates - Not good. To be honest, I played only one 40k game this month, and one 30k. The 30k I lost, and the 40k I drew, so need to try much harder next month!
  • I did play Ryan this month, but only managed a draw due to my idiocy!
  • 7715 views this month, and I comfortably smashed my comment record on a single post as my kill team review garnered over 40 responses!
  • 1 unit review per week. Well I reviewed Kill Team! Not much else though.
Blog Achievements

Well the comments on the kill team post are certainly an achievement, and my first narrative battle report garnered over 1,000 views on its own in just over 2 days (no obvious bot spikes either, so maybe it was just very popular!). Those are successes in their own right, let alone the work I've put in to a new blog (oops, did I let that slip? Best not mention it again then...)


Appears to have dropped off the face of a cliff a little bit recently, from July's high of 17 clicks and over £4 in revenue, September saw only 5 clicks and £0.86 earned. Sadly I have no way of understanding why this has happened, and can only appeal to your generous natures to rectify the situation, since it costs you nothing.


I'm really pleased with the progress I'm currently making on the Dusk Knights, I've added plenty to their repertoire recently and they are fast approaching an actual viable tabletop ready force. At that point, I will need to decide what I want to do about the Iron Fists. I love them, but every time I look at them I know I can paint better than that now. Some will definitely be chopped for making my next kill team, but I'm considering selling the remainder. Any offers?


To be honest, building has pretty much stalled completely since I have only one more model left to build. And that's a drop pod, so you can imagine how enthusiastic I am for that project! Still, my birthday is only a couple of months away so should hopefully be able to make a few purchases then. Of course, adsense clicks would most definitely add to the kitty to buy more stuff to paint, as would generous offers to buy the Iron Fists (who after all did win a best painted army award this year).

Till next time!

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