Friday, 14 October 2016

The brotherhood expands - introducing our third member

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Greetings all,
It's been fairly quiet on the brotherhood front externally for the last few days, but believe me the gears of the machine have been whirring away frantically in the background, I think my Whatsapp is about to overload from the pressure and I've actually had to recharge my phone more than once a day for the last week, which is unheard of!

Plenty to update you on therefore though, with plans crystallising and work ongoing on various projects.

There are posts in preparation regarding painting tutorials, the fighting pit and what we're currently calling the brotherhood spotlight, but I'll leave those to be nice surprises for you all next week.

The big news this week is that the brotherhood has expanded, and we've added Martin Baker to our 'staff'. Martin is a long time friend of mine and has plenty of experience in the field of youtube and video/audio editing, plus he's a top guy. Importantly though, he also has lots of experience of role playing and is therefore firmly ensconced in the narrative aspect of the hobby.

Martin brings much more than just this to the table though, he has a fully fledged Iron Hands list that was built around the same time as my obsidian enclave, for the same tale of gamers, an adeptus mechanicus force, he's currently working on Hive Fleet Volgaris (including the quite frankly, huge, Harridan) and has a Death Guard collection building for 30k. Martin's Iron Hands joined forces with my former Iron Hands this year to take on all comers at the Greetings from the Warp doubles event, and we scooped 5th place overall and best painted army.

And finally, but by no means least of all, our scenery collection is expanding. We've secured a large collection of ruined buildings and will be looking to get some boards put together using these beauties in the not too distant future.

Till next time,

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