Friday, 7 October 2016

The secret is revealed! Welcome to the Grim Dark Brotherhood.

Greetings all! You've waited patiently, guessed inaccurately at my sneaky hints, but the time is finally here, and I'm lifting the curtain on the Grim Dark Brotherhood!

I figured as you'll probably all be a little underwhelmed at that I'd probably better explain myself.

Following on from Hero for a Day, and to a certain extent before that, the organiser in me has wanted to put on a 40k event. Hfad went well enough that I decided I could be pretty good at this, and so I set about finding something unique to offer the 40k tournament scene. I teamed up with Tom Kendrick, a relatively new member of my club who'd been drawn to us by my efforts organising Hero for a Day and whose enthusiasm for the game and taking part in everything is boundless.

We decided therefore that we would look at putting on some 40k events, but rather than aiming them at the competitive end of the market, we'd look to create narrative events where all the participants would have a really enjoyable time and whilst there would be a winner of the event, it was important to us to encourage a more 'all-round' approach to the hobby.

We've had some success in recent years at our club running 'tale of gamers' style campaigns whereby players would start a new army, building a collection and painting it over a period of months to build up a new army. Our first event is going to focus on this concept, but squeeze it all into a single day's play, so rather than your typical 40k event with a single list and a fixed points limit for all the games, it will start with smaller games, increasing in size throughout the day, with each list building on the contents of the previous one. The challenge therefore is not to create an all-conquering list, but crafting 4-5 lists and making each of them competent at facing all types of opponents and building them into a greater whole.

That wasn't quite enough for either Tom or myself though, so our events will look to add yet more hobby goodness into them. We are looking at running fun fighting pit games during the day, where players can pit their warlords against others in a bid to gain additional tournament points. Army list submissions will be awarded points too, with creativity in presentation and theme being rewarded, and an essential component of entry to the tournament will be your army's background. No player will be able to enter without submitting a written fluff piece for their army, detailing its origins, make-up, what their fighting style is and who the main characters within the list are etc.

Tom and I have been busy setting up all the behind the scenes work for these events, including a specific event blog, facebook group, forum, and various social media outlets. Head on over to the blog to get links for these so you can sign up and follow what's happening.

Our intention is to put on our first event in the first three months of 2017, with other events spread throughout the year from that point. Hopefully we're hitting a bit of a niche gap in the market, so please if you enjoy a good, hard fought, but 'friendly' game of 40k and would like to take that to the next stage by doing so against people you've never met before, sign yourself up!

That's not all!

We don't just want this to be an events-based venture. The inspiration was to bring the hobby to the fore, so we are hoping that the blog and forum will become a place for battle reports, tutorials, reviews etc, spreading all the hobby knowledge we the community have as far and wide as possible to make our games of 40k the best they can be! Who knows, maybe it will even spread to setting up a store in the future...

Join the brotherhood!
#Holistic gaming!

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