Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Warhammer world - a walk down memory lane.

Ultramarines Chapter display
The legendary Ultramarines Chapter display

Greetings all,
what's this all about then? Well, some of you may know, most of you probably won't, but for a brief period in 2000 I actually worked at Games Workshop's headquarters in the Warhammer World store.

Heady days, and I was highly excited to be working there and seeing people like Rick Priestley and Andy Chambers in the canteen at lunchtime, people I'd grown up idolising as a teenager (I can't tell you how many times I read the tactics article by Andy Chambers at the back of the Skaven army book).

First up though, some secret project news!
Tuesday evening's meeting went very well, with some great ideas coming forth from it. And all will be revealed on Friday at 19:00 British Summer Time!

I was fortunate enough to be brought in not only to work in the store, but also run tours round the museum for visitors (back in the early days of the museum, not the glittering spectacular it is these days) and work on the fabled Games Day display board. This had been a feature of White Dwarf for several years so when I was told I'd be working on it I got very excited indeed (not quite that excited though).

Now because at that time I felt I needed to be all responsible and such heading into my last year at Uni, I quit the job at the end of the summer (then made a mess of my final year anyway) but I did go away with some good memories. And more importantly for this post, some pictures, which I found the other day clearing out an old set of drawers. You'll have to forgive the quality, cameras in those days weren't what they are now!

The display was a big one!

Mainly constructed from lots and lots of polystyrene

Drenched in pva, sand and then spray painted

The display was based on the Dragonslayer novel, and this model was custom sculpted by Will Hayes for it

The spray was most effective

I'm still not sure how they managed to get it into a van to transport it

There was some concern at the time that the board didn't have enough models on it

Personally I thought there were plenty!

More Orcs!

The thin red line, and you can see the dwarf slayers with the orange hair at the top

Our own little joke during construction, there was definitely a link between this and the naming of magic items at the time

This was the Armageddon Tank Factory used in a multi-board White Dwarf battle report

Yes, that's the Siege of the Emperor's Palace

A very small part of the battle of Big Toof river

An Empire display, the ship you can see was at least 4 feet long!

Upstairs were the larger scale exhibits

Three of my best friends! Not sure the proportions were right on the bolter though

Don't look, erm, up!?! One soon to be dead terminator!

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