Thursday, 3 November 2016

200,000 views! Makes me feel quite dirty actually, haha!

Greetings all, time for another celebratory milestone, though as it's hot on the heels of the last one I'm not going to do a giveaway this time (nothing to give for starters).

Earlier this week, the blog hit 200,000 views (sometime on Wednesday evening to be precise) which is a milestone of which I'm very proud. Being a butterfly sort of person I quite often pick things up only to discard them after a short while, so to have kept this going for long enough to get to this figure is something about which I'm extremely pleased. All my blog stats are going in a nice, upward direction too, so as I add more and better quality work it's being reflected in my audience figures, which is gratifying!

All I can say therefore is thank you to you, my readers, for your continued attention - and I pledge that I will continue to try and improve the quality and quantity of content on the blog.

Here's to the next milestone, whenever it may be!

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