Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Branching out! I'm looking for a willing volunteer who wants some commission work doing

Greetings all,
Lots of new things happening with the blog and hobby recently, and this one is just the latest in the queue of things I'm going to try.

I'm looking for a volunteer to engage with me over some commission work. I'm thinking of taking on commission painting in the future and so what I'm looking for is someone who not only wants a small commission undertaking for a nominal fee, but also who is willing to critically evaluate the level of work I'm doing for them and assisting with feedback on a realistic pricing of that work.

Hopefully anyone interested in this will have already seen the standard of my painting on the blog already, but I am looking at two options, larger projects that involve batch painting, and more detailed work that consists of painting a single figure at a time. Obviously the more detailed method would engender a more substantial fee, however for the purposes of this request, I'd be looking at completing a single squad or vehicle, at a fee of £2 per standard infantry sized figure or £10 for a standard vehicle (such as a rhino chassis or leman russ sized model).

Here are a few more pictures illustrating some of my work (forgive some of the dodgy lighting in the pictures!)

Till next time

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