Monday, 21 November 2016

Hobby update - 21/11/16 - Tactical Squad Segundo

Greetings all, it's Monday again and time is flying particularly quickly for me and the family at the moment - but I've still got a hobby update for you all!

That being said, I still managed to find time to get a little hobbying done this week, and a little creativity applied to the Grim Dark Brotherhood plans too.

Construction and Painting

Ok so after last week's frenzy of clipping and sticking I haven't got anything else assembled in the last week. There's an Imperial Guard squad sitting waiting to be built, and Tactical Squad Tercero is also still in the box whilst I finish painting Segundo. My Magus and Primus are now assembled and ready to go with the Patriarch, but I'll take pictures of those once I start to get paint on them.

As for painting, this is where I've made the most progress this week. Last week I showed pics of the flamer bearer from Squad Segundo approaching completion, well here he is in all his grubby, oily glory.
 In particular, I wanted this guy to display grubbier armour, to indicate that the flamer is not a clean weapon, belching out flaming liquid promethium that leaves a black, greasy residue on everything in the vicinity.

Looking back at it now, I may need to go back and add some grubbiness to his legs to complete this impression.
 There's also a little bit to add to the shoulder pad scroll.

I'm quite pleased with the basing on this guy though, despite being deliberately bland with the colours on the base, I figured adding some portable promethium containers would help to reinforce the image the flamer creates.
I'm also now getting pretty practiced at freehanding the company number onto the shoulder pads. I went for white on black as a stark contrast to the blue and cream elsewhere on the armour. 

 I also showed you last week the very nearly completed Scout biker from 10th Company. He's now properly finished including his base, on which I'm particularly proud of the dreadnought power claw. I spent a relative age blending that little beast practising a technique I'd seen on painting buddha a few days earlier.

I find that if you're learning a new technique, it can often be best to practice on pieces like this that don't actually draw the main attention on a model. If it goes wrong, people are less likely to notice!
Unlike the bikes that I painted for the Iron Fists, I decided to weather this one (and by extension the remainder of the three squads) adding chips and scratches, as well as adding some dusty effect to the wheels and body where it's been speeding over crumbling remains of building stone on the world it's fighting over.

I'm really pleased with this guy and can't wait to get a full three squads of them finished and on the table. Not to mention that I find them highly effective too!

Brother Salvador is now finished as well, the fourth member of Squad Segundo that's completed.

I'm particularly pleased with the laurel effect on his chest plate, I do enjoy these spot colours and laurel wreaths are a particular please of mine to complete, but this one in particular seemed to go really well and the highlights had exactly the effect I was aiming for.

I've shown him off elsewhere and received a comment that the weathering is too heavy. Now it's pretty much in line with the rest of the Dusk Knights, but what do you guys think, too much?

Along the lines of comments already received, when I sent the photo over to my close friends, the first that came back said it reminded him of Crocodile Dundee, and the "that's not a knife" moment. 

Staying in grim dark character, my first thought was "you're right, it's a combat blade" but I do like the connection, and in particular I also like to retain a certain amount of reference in my armies to the fact that these guys do get into close combat scrapes every now and again, and a trusty combat blade isn't (or at least shouldn't) be an unused extra on the squad's sprue.

That being said, I did magnetise that hand so this model is pretty customisable and could easily switch either his main weapon (the pose does lend itself to using the bolter without a magazine from the kit) or secondary, or both.


Well, with the new game's release imminent and quite a few guys from my club jumping on board I'm running a league starting on the 1st December.

I've played bloodbowl for a very long time and I have to say it's one of the sets of rules that really hits the spot for me in gaming terms, the basic concepts are really simple and easy to learn, the tactics for each race much more tricky to master on the field.

I will be publishing some player tacticas therefore for the human and orc teams on the brotherhood blog in the coming fortnight, and keep an eye out in the future for some game reports cropping up there and on our forum in the future.

Grim Dark Brotherhood

Speaking of the brotherhood, work continues apace on planning and preparing for our events, including working on merchandise (or should that be merchan-dice?) for you good people to buy, scenery for our first event, and planning out our battle report styles.

We are intending to provide to you both map based text reports and you-tube reports, of the same games so whichever format you prefer we will have you catered for. Add to that as I mentioned above there will be a few bloodbowl games thrown in there, and last week we decided to create an open challenge for our readers/supporters.

When we get going, you will all have the opportunity to challenge one of the brotherhood to a game. Now hopefully we'll be heavily over-subscribed for this so we wouldn't be able to play you all, but here's the idea.

Beat the Baker: No-holds-barred, bring whatever you want and take on our resident wizard and either his Iron Hands, Tyranids or Adeptus Mechanicus.

Duel at Dusk: This is a limited format game, with no combined arms detachments allowed. Your lists must be built using formations and faction specific detachments only. Some formations may be banned from this format (which will limit me as much as anyone else) for the sake of bringing balance to the forces (did I mis-quote there? Oops!).

Toxic Thunder: Tuck-shop Tom is planning a particularly evil army, using our very own logo and corrupting it onto the malign influence of Chaos to create our very own GDB army. It's forgeworld heavy, so those of you wanting to use lots of forgeworld models, this is the challenge for you! 

There will be more details of these going up on the brotherhood blog in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled!

Till next time!

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