Monday, 7 November 2016

Hobby update - 7-11-16 - I seem to be assembling a lot of models this week!

Colour scheme of the behemoid undercult

Greetings all! Welcome once more to my weekly glimpse into the world of wonders that is my hobby-space.

Lots of things happened this week, and there's going to be a post to look out for on the genestealer cult soon, with reviews going to be posted on the brotherhood blog and a list expo on my plans for my own personal collection here on the burning eye.

In the meantime, I guess I'd better keep you abreast of all the model-related things that have happened since last week.

First up, having finished my terminator squad last week, my first thoughts turned straight away to paying a little more attention to the genestealer cult. I've had the codex sat by my bed for the past couple of weeks and have read bits and pieces but not dug into it with any great constructivity as yet. I have already noted however that there was a colour scheme very much along the lines of what I'd like to do illustrated in there, and whilst I will certainly be tweaking it, for now my genestealer cult will be using the behemoid undercult working title - the picture above illustrates the colour scheme. I will be amending things, partly because I don't want to do the classic indigo coloured genestealers (fluff interjection - the codex explains that the blue colour is the 'natural' colour of a genestealer, but that colouring can change when a hive fleet approaches) but instead look to tie their colours in better to the rest of the army. I'll therefore be sticking with the bone, red and black theme, and thus relate them better to Hive fleet Kraken. Time for some more research - look out for that to be updated in the near future!

Ok, models then. What have I done since last Monday?

Well, first up despite my best intentions of starting the tactical squad (I did, honest!), I still got a bit distracted painting something else.
Yes, that's right, I'm painting bikes again! Only 9 this time (aargh!) but I've really gone to town on the number of accessories that the riders have draped over their mechanical steeds, so there are shotguns, knives, ropes, grenades, ammo pouches etc all over them. I'm hoping this will help to create a real look of these bikes surviving away from the main bulk of my force for long periods.

Alongside that you can see that I wasn't joking, I really have started the third member of the Tactical Squad (Tito) and he'll very soon be getting washes and final highlights - just as soon as I've decided where I'm putting the hazard stripes on him.

Now as I'm sure you'll be aware, that's quite limited progress for me in a painting week, and I'm sure you're wondering what else I've been doing (unless you've read the post title of course). Quite simply, I've been trying to catch up with a variety of things I've had on the go for a while. First up, I threw together 3 crisis suits ready for my game last thursday when I got to use the Dawn Blade Contingent for the first time. I won't show photos yet because to my shame I haven't even filed off the plastic lumps from cutting the models off the sprues yet (yes, Wednesday night was a late one, and rather panic-fuelled!).

Saturday night was spent on another project that has been sitting around for a little while, waiting for some supplies to arrive.Thankfully that morning my magnets arrived, along with a genestealer patriarch and a MtG Fat Pack and Intro Deck ready for a sealed event my friends and I are doing for my birthday.

Once I'd opened all the boosters I didn't need for the event I got back to models, and the patriarch went together very quickly indeed - he's just in a standard pose after all.

Then I got to work with the magnets and green stuff, putting my attention to the dreadnought I rescued from an eBay box a while ago. Here he is therefore with his myriad of weapon options available.

As you can see in a fit of enthusiasm I also assembled my second Betrayal at Calth Contemptor. Quite a productive Saturday night I'm sure you'll agree.

Then last night I picked up the tray of outstanding models, finished attaching parts to the remaining 4 scout bikes, detailed all 9 of their bases and looked at the tactical squad box hopefully before the wailing call of the lesser satisfied one-year-old called me to other duties. They should be primed and painted soon so I'll get photos up in next week's update.

Hoping to get the bike and flamer marine finished in the next couple of days, and tomorrow night sees another meeting of two of the brotherhood, where we'll be looking to get our first table of buildings completely painted.

Till next time,

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