Thursday, 17 November 2016

Instagram showcase

Morning all,
time for a little showcase methinks!

A gamer friend of mine recently introduced me to instagram, noting that he'd signed up and started posting pics of his horus heresy games and progress and had picked up many followers very quickly as a result, with the idea that he was going to start a youtube channel in the not too distant future showcasing their battles.

That got me signed up, and more recently another friend of mine whose space marines featured in the first ever brotherhood spotlight has also signed up, posting up pictures of his work on his Alpha Legion for our Horus Heresy games.

With a little prompting to promote that, I figured actually it might be a good idea for me to showcase a few of the people I follow on instagram, detailing what they do and the things they post about. Don't worry, it's all miniature related content!

Before I go into that however, I figured I'd do a little self-promotion as it were!

If you're on instagram, search for @feydan13 and you can follow my progress as I upload pics, some of which don't make it into my hobby update posts.


Ryan (not Alpharius. At least I don't think so) is one of my closest buddies, and his painting has come on leaps and bounds in the time I've known him. He's now a fervent devotee of the airbrush clan, and the time (and money) spent getting tutored in how to paint alpha legion using that tool is certainly paying off as these guys look stunning!

A photo posted by Alpharius (@oneofmanyxx) on


Matt is someone I've known for several years, I originally met him through work, and it soon became clear that we had a lot in common, particularly a fondness for plastic. Another like Ryan whose painting has advanced a lot since we first met, his Word Bearers I think you'll agree are most impressive.

A photo posted by @tonka_567 on


I've only met Naf once, at Blogwars 9, but we'd corresponded quite a bit by then on The Dark City. I can honestly say his work on La Danse Macabre is some of the most original conversion and painting I have ever seen, and I'm honoured he's asked me to do some of his heresy Space Wolves as a commission.

A photo posted by NafNaf (@nafnaff85) on


Dave is, well, inspirational I think is the word. His blog not only has lots of great tutorials and examinations of the motivation and stress that painting can place on a person, but he's also got lots of free terrain templates and stuff!

A photo posted by Dave Weston (@dwez1) on


Now to the first of the people I don't know personally! These guys make some awesome looking scenery, and I'm looking to try and get hold of some in the new year to go along with my growing genestealer cult.

A photo posted by @rightarmlabs on


A hobby butterfly fit to challenge the best of them, there's marines, necrons, orruks, you name it this guy has probably got some!

A photo posted by @full_time_nerd on


Something a little bit different now, whilst there are some pictures of models on this page and I always like seeing night lords, by far the majority of the account is filled with awesome artwork from the 40k universe.

A photo posted by Tarvek Val (@tarvekval) on


If you ever needed to know, this is how you paint red. Glossy, shiny Heresy-style red, but these thousand sons are seriously spectacular.

A photo posted by dan (@1kson) on


Back to another acquaintance, to whom I was introduced by Tonka, Pete has abandoned his former collection of Imperial Fists and become rather more savage of late, his Space Wolves showcasing his special talent in just as spectacular fashion however.

A photo posted by Pete Whitlam (@upplander) on


Two things in particular drew me to this page - Vulkan, and Horus. Both of whom are pretty spectacular models and seb has done a paint job to match.

So there you have it, that was just a few of the many thousands of hobbyists on instagram. I'm not claiming it's a list of the best, or most unique, but they are all people who post things I find interesting.

If you have an instagram account and would like me to have a look at your work, maybe with a view to showcasing something in the future then please feel free to leave a comment with your account name and I'll have a look and keep a list for the next one. Equally, if you want to find my stuff then my username is @feydan13.

Till next time

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