Friday, 4 November 2016

My October Challenge - Pod and a Squad!

Greetings all, given that I cocked up on my army planning for Dreadtober (I painted my Contemptor in September) I figured that I would set myself a challenge to complete in the month anyway. As it happens, this came in the form of a 'competition' against my good buddy Tom from freshfromthewarp.

This challenge took the form of a painting contest, which we nicknamed 'Pod and a Squad'. The rules were simple, complete the painting of a 10-man squad, a drop pod and an HQ choice by the end of the month.

Now as it happens, Tom set himself another challenge during the month that meant he couldn't work on this one (check his blog for details), but I kept going anyway. Technically I actually failed the challenge, as I only completed the Librarian after the October 31st deadline, however, as that was because RL got in the way in a big fashion on Monday night I excused myself, finishing the libby in just over an hour over the next couple of days lunch breaks.

This challenge will form the basis of the contest I hinted at in my Monday Hobby Update so anyone who might be interested in that have a look here. As I mentioned in that post, the idea was not just to set an arbitrary painting challenge, but to make sure that units were actually finished, so we allowed partially painted models. We'll be tweaking that slightly for the contest just to make sure that it does represent an amount of work justifying the prize, but here are the finished results!

The Pod
Much happier with the weathering on this one - using a larger brush helped!

The hazard stripes might be a pain, but they look so good!

The Squad
Dusk Knights Cataphractii terminators

I know I know, you've seen them before several times already but seriously, don't you think they're worth looking at again?

The HQ
Epistolary Severiano
Epistolary Severiano
Severiano is my Telepath, and I'll be honest I really struggled with just what to do to illustrate that was his ability through the paint scheme on the model. My initial idea was to paint his eyes wholly black but that just looked like I couldn't do eyes properly. Then Tom came up with a great suggestion at the same time as I had a brain wave. Tom's suggestion was to do an osl glow on the model (a little daunting for me as I've not done much osl before) whilst my idea was to paint his head as though all colour was draining from it from top to bottom. I settled in the end on doing both, whilst adding a vivid blue colour to his eyes over the black base I'd already applied. I think the result are really effective, he's noticeably paler than my normal skin tone, though has a little more colour around his jaw line, whilst the osl glow around the augmetics works very well to my mind, just hitting the gorget and shoulder pad a little. Next up for my librarius is my telekine, where I'm planning a kind of doppler effect pattern on the arms of his armour as modelled by Sheldon in the big bang theory

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