Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October Review - I can't believe it's nearly my birthday again already!

The year is almost done, just a couple of months left to fit in anything else I want to do before we hit 2017, it must be time for another monthly review!

  • Paint 500 points of Emperor's Children. Hmm, I may get to this towards the end of the month. Possibly!
  • Place in the top half of two tournaments. I'm attending fluffageddon in November, which will be my last chance to achieve this one.
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. Easy. The terminators alone beat that by a comfortable margin.
  • Play a big game. Well there's a 4000pt game happening at my club this week, but I'm not in it. To be perfectly honest now I've sold the Iron Fists I doubt I can achieve this by the end of the year without breaking my other vow to not play the Dusk Knights unpainted.
  • Win rates - only played 2 games this month, both with the Tau, a win and a loss. Not quite up to snuff, I'm playing the Tau again this week so let's try and start November off on a high!
  • Beat Ryan more than he beats me. I doubt I can achieve this in the time left, but I'm hoping to give the Tau another run out against him next week.
  • October was a massive high for me however in terms of views, my old pictures of Warhammer World and my finished pics of the Dusk Knight Terminators generating over 5,000 views on their own.
  • Unit reviews - I began the review of the Genestealer Cult codex but being realistic I'm never going to catch up now - this resolution will have to carry forward to next year I think!
Blog Achievements

I can honestly say that the two posts I mentioned above have really hit the sweet spot for me, I look back fondly on my time at Warhammer World, even though there were rough patches, so to see so many people want to share those memories through the photographs I took is great, and then for so many views so quickly on my Dusk Knight Terminators makes me proud, particularly given how much effort I put into getting them done.


September appears to have been a blip, as the revenue from adsense was back up this month, £5.49 added to the total brings me just shy of £40 in my account, so only just over £20 to go until I'll get paid. Given the venture I've entered into with the Grim Dark Brotherhood though, the adsense payment when it arrives will be going towards whatever needs to be paid for at the time.


Well as you've seen above, I've been really pleased with the response to my terminators, and I'm also very relieved to have got the second drop pod finished. In particular I was pleased with how the weathering went on that one, which I felt was better and more consistent than the first. This month I'm hoping to get the rest of the Dusk Knight stuff up to speed as much as I can, which means 9 bikes, a pair of tactical squads, another drop pod and two land speeders. Hmm, probably not going to happen!


Well following last month where there was pretty much nothing, I now am overflowing with projects, I assembled my first Tau Broadside, 9 scout bikes, and a pair of landspeeders. Still on the pile to do though are another tactical squad, a crisis suit squad, a drop pod and another contemptor. I'm hoping to add to that in November too, with hopefully a genestealer patriarch and maybe something else cult related. or a third contemptor if I can get hold of one cheap enough!

Till next time,

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