Saturday, 5 November 2016

Razorwing giveaway - winners announcement!

Greetings all! I get to make a fun post today - though a difficult one all the same.

You may recall a few weeks ago the blog hit 400 posts, representing somewhat of a milestone for me and my usual try something for a bit then give it up personality. It probably helps that it's about 40k, something that has been at the forefront of my enjoyment of life for the last 23 years. 

At the behest of Siph, from the weemen blog I decided to rune a giveaway to celebrate the milestone, asking participants to not only say why they loved my blog but also what they thought the best way would be to introduce/encourage narrative gaming at a tournament. Something you'll probably now realise was linked to my plans to run some events next year with a couple of friends ( To a certain extent I'm grateful there were only two entrants, as choosing between them had there been many would have been tricky indeed!

As it is, Siph had the following to say:
Love the blog mate, great Dusk Knights, Dark Eldar, Charity days and tips and hobby goodness. I think centring the Tournement on friendly atmosphere and raffle prizes for best painted, friendly general, HQ, conversions, and a small prize for 1st place, similar to the great job Alex did for Blogwars. Random raffle prizes evens the field. And of course, a blog giveaway is a great idea... Here hee
The only other entrant was Nathaniel from Objective Secured, who wrote the following:
My leige, everything you touch turns to pure hobby gold. The words your blessed fingers type onto these hallowed pages sing as if they were spoken by the purest dove circling the emperors golden throne. Mere words cannot express your awesomness, nay not even come close. I shall construct a statue reaching to the heavens (made out of the sprues your blessed fingers have touched) to proclaim your magnificence of hobby one! ;)

Love the idea of a narrative tournament where story and hobby are rewarded more than the usual best general prizes. Taking the focus away from winning as the main goal and crafting a narrative from the games makes a huge difference to the atmosphere, as the game becomes more about forging a narrative than crushing the enemy at all costs. Maybe rewarding hobby more than the best general would be a good way to go, with the prizes for best converted/painted/themed etc more than what is achieved by winning the tournament.
Perhaps creating a setting and backstory for the tournament, amd encouraging (or requiring) players to write a fluff piece for their army surrounding the overarching narrative of the event would really help everyone to become immersed in the setting
Both entrants had clearly thought about the question, and to a certain extent come up with similar ideas (take the prize focus away from winning the tournament etc).


Given we at the brotherhood are planning to ground our events in a background narrative, Nathaniel's idea to have each entrant come up with a piece of fluff relating to that narrative and their own army is a stroke of genius and I think will really help to achieve what we're aiming for, so for that reason, The Whispering Death will be winging its way over to the Objective Secured blog very soon indeed, and not just to unleash its payload of necrotoxin missiles!

Congratulations Nathaniel! Commiserations Siph, but I'm sure you'll agree that Nathaniel is a worthy winner.

Before I go, here's a fond look back at the various pics I've taken of the Razorwing over the years.

Its first colour scheme.

The basecoat following the decision to change the colour scheme of my DE army

Wash applied to the armour panel lines and the beginnings of some detail work on the chassis

Weapons and gems are now more advanced, and the panel detailing is finished
The finished article, including a dead word bearer on the base
The final atmospheric shot of the whispering death once the army was ready for Blogwars 9

Till next time,

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