Friday, 2 December 2016

Bloodbowl MAD League III Match report - Asgard's Wrath vs Naggaroth Nightmares

Greetings there sports fans, and welcome to the first of my match reports for the MAD League III Bloodbowl League, now taking place at my local gaming club.

The first game of the season took place last night, with my own Norse team, Asgard's Wrath, taking on a Dark Elf team owned by my good friend Tom, who is new to the game.

Here are the team lineups

Asgard's Wrath (Norse)
6x Linemen
2x Throwers
2x Beserkers
1x Runner
1x Ulfwerener
3x Re-rolls

Naggaroth Nightmares (Dark Elf)
4x Blitzers
6x Linemen
1x Runner
2x Re-rolls

First Half

The game began with the Norse kicking off, and things got off to a violent start with one of the first blocks of the game knocking one of the Norse Beserkers out cold. The Dark Elves secured the ball into a loose cage and began moving up the pitch. The Norse team began to converge on the ball carrying group, stymieing their progress and creating a melee that began sucking in players from all over the pitch. In the midst of this scrap, two of the Dark Elves put in a fearsome block on the Norse Lineman Grimnir Haakonsson, snapping his head back and breaking his neck.

The melee continued, dragging several more players in before the Dark Elves finally broke free, touching down just as the referee began to look at his watch. The Nightmares had time to kick off to the Norse, but the referees whistle blew to signify half time even as the Norse Runner fumbled a catch from their Thrower.

Second Half

In the second half, the weather continued to be fine (well, as fine as it can be in Norsca) and the Nightmares kicked off, the Wrath safely gathering the ball this time.

Coach Hemsvart had obviously had some stern words with the Norse players at half time, as in the second half they came out pumped up and ready to play. Their Beserkers (mercifully both now back on the pitch) had a big role to play, punching a hole in the Dark Elf defence with their frenzied blocking, into which several of the Norse support players poured, including Valtyr Osborn, safely carrying the ball in the crook of one arm.

Much of the Nightmares team had been distracted by the gathering strength of the Norse to one side of the pitch, and the strike when it came left them stranded and screened from play by a wall of bearded warriors. Only three Dark Elves stood between the Norse and an equalising score, and those three were brushed aside easily by the Norsemen, allowing Osborn through to score in the corner. It wasn't all beer and fish snacks though, as Hrungir Ingolfsson was carried from the pitch clutching his eye.

The Norse set up the kick once more, hammering the ball right into the very depths of the Dark Elf half, as it came to rest mere inches from going dead and causing a touchback. It didn't however, and the Dark Elves were forced to retreat their defensive line to protect the ball. No sooner had they begun their work however, than a lucky trip set their nerves on edge, and the Norse were once more able to punch a hole in their defence, this time the Ulfwerener Fenrir Olsen bludgeoning his way through the line, all fur and bulging biceps. Again, three players broke through, arrowing their runs straight for the Dark Elf Runner who was frantically scrabbling for the ball in the end zone.

She managed to get her hands on it just as the Norse bunched themselves for the tackle attempt, and hurled the ball down the right flank of the Dark Elves towards Neloth Blackwood. The pressure told though, and the ball scattered wildly, ending up in the hands of the Norse once more. The Norse Beserkers kept up their pressure on the Dark Elves, most of whom were picking themselves up from the floor by now, and they could only watch as Osborn once again burst free to touch down and put the Norse ahead.

The final drive gave little joy for either side, as the ball landed near the line of scrimmage and ricocheted around before finally ending up in Dark Elf hands. There was little time left however, and the Dark Elves were unable to turn their ball possession into movement towards the Norse end zone.

The final whistle blew and the Norse had been victorious, 2 touchdowns to 1.

So the Norse strike first blood in the league, leading the rest of the pack for now, though the loss of 2 linemen in the first game, 1 of them permanent, has certainly hurt them and they have been unable to redress this situation thanks to the sneaky dark elves making off with most of the gate receipts for the match.

Who knows what will be up next? Keep your eyes peeled for more incoming!

Till next time,

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