Monday, 12 December 2016

Hobby update 12-12-16 - I've been a slave to darkness!

Greetings all - another has passed and therefore it's time for another hobby update.

When I left you last week you could see I'd begun to put some work into the Lord Commander himself, Eidolon of the Emperor's Children. Sadly I've not been able to quite finish him up this week, as rather annoyingly I've been taken down with Nurgle's Rot.

I have however made quite a lot of progress.

This post will be a fairly short one as the only other hobby related stuff I've done all week is to add some cork to some bases for my first genestealer cult neophyte/Imperial guardsman squad.

I put a lot of work into the cape, to get the colour just right, and as each day has gone by I've added a little more detail into the paint job on him.

So, at the end of the week, he looks a bit like (well, exactly like, subject to the usual picture conversion differences) this:

You can't really see the exact nature of the cape unfortunately (iPhone camera and work lighting) but there's a nice faint green tinge to it rather than being plain white. The lower leg armour is finished, polished to a high sheen, whilst the upper armour (vambraces, torso, helmet etc) is blended and just waiting for the gloss varnish to complete the finish. I then just need to finish off painting his weapons and adding the final touches to the wrecked salamanders dreadnought on his base and the leader of my Emperor's Children force will be complete.

When he is finished, I will be publishing a step-by step look at the progress I made during each painting session. Not so much a guide on how to paint him, more a record of how I did it.

Till next time!

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