Monday, 5 December 2016

Hobby update! 5/12/16 - Bloodbowl, III Legion and Commission work

Greetings all!

You just knew I couldn't resist didn't you! Any of you who read last week's post just knew that I wouldn't be able to resist showing you the stuff I'm working on, even though I said I wouldn't!

Well, let's deal with the first things first - This week I cleaned up the human and orc team models I picked up with the Bloodbowl game last week. Neither of these teams is of a composition I'd be inclined to use straight out of the box, so I'm really hoping that GW will release boost packs for the teams fairly soon to allow me to build up the extra players I want to get. It may be a bit of a pipe dream, but I'd love to be able to keep up with the new teams as they are released, I'm already very tempted to get hold of the Skaven despite having a black scorpion skaven team in my collection.

I have to say these models are seriously impressive, it's true that there are only six individual sculpts in the box, but that's almost always been the case with bloodbowl teams anyway, and a few little tweaks here and there will ensure they look suitably different.

Hopefully these guys will get some basecoat on them this week ready for colours before too long.

Next up then, some of you may recall that a while back I sent out the call for some willing volunteers to help me judge my worth as a commission painter. I'm pleased (and incredibly flattered) to say that the first person out of the blocks to request my services was an old friend, NafNaf from objective secured, and he asked me to help him with his space wolf army. Now aside from the fact that NafNaf is an incredible painter and modeller himself and so there is quite a bit of pressure on me to not let him down, I've begun work on a marine squad and a Rhino. I've not been able to devote too much time to it just yet, but here's where I've got to so far.
I'm hoping to get the majority of the squad finished up over the next week before starting on the Rhino.

And finally, the pics I'm sure you've all been waiting for (hur hur), the Emperor's Children.

I said I might not post up a hobby update until these guys were more finished, but I just couldn't resist.
 Eidolon begins to take shape, the dread he's standing on will be a Salamanders one, not the Iron Hands version that ForgeWorld put on his base, mainly because I think black is a disappointing a dull colour for such an impressive model.

 The accent colour I've gone for on the models is an unusual one, but one I'm particularly pleased with, using Sybarite Green as a base colour for Gauss Flayer Green, which I think really sets off the Darker Purple I'm trying to use for these guys.

 I got home on Friday rather excitedly to find a package of Phoenix Spears from Forgeworld sitting on my doorstep, so decided to finally build my Palatine Blades. Three more to come for now, with probably quite a few to follow afterwards.

Here you can see some of the detail on Eidolon's cloak - I wanted it to have that faint green hue to it, in particular focusing around the gold details, and I think it's working pretty well so far, though needs a little blending work perhaps.

You can see the larger scale effect on the cloak here, again more blending is required!

This gold detail work is present all over the III Legion models, and I'm loving it! After my efforts with the Kabal of the Burning Eye it's so nice to not have to freehand it all!

So there you go, comments and question are welcomed as always, and please contact me if you have anything you'd like me to paint for you!

Till next time,

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