Thursday, 1 December 2016

November Review - twas a blue month, and a strange one at that!

So, we have embarked on the final journey of 2016, the days passing inexorably by, grinding towards the time when that the final section of the clock ticks round to another year.

I know it's not to everyone's tastes but I do love this time of year, the only caveat being my garage is incredibly cold and therefore I'm less inclined to go and do larger scale hobby stuff at the moment.

Real life also tends to take a bit of a hold at evenings and weekends with the diary filling up extremely quickly.
Without further ado therefore, how did I do on my resolutions this month?
  • Paint 500 points of Emperor's Children. Well, there's paint going onto them. I can't honestly guarantee they'll actually be finished by the end of the month, but they'll certainly have basecoats on them.
  • Place in the top half of two tournaments. Damn myself for making me relive this one! No, fluffageddon was a nightmare I thought I'd forgotten.
  • Build/paint 300pts of marines per month. I'll be under that this month, having only completed a single scout biker and the tactical squad, but on average I reckon I'm still pretty safe..
  • Play a big game. Christmas will be the only possible saviour, but it's unlikely tbh.
  • Win rates - well the Tau have been particularly poor with three losses on the bounce at fluffageddon, then the Emperor's Children lost out to the Alpha Legion last week! The Norse will need to get me off to a winning start this week at bloodbowl!
  • Beat Ryan more than he beats me. No, Ryan was piloting the Alpha Legion that beat me last week and I'm now too far behind to catch up.
  • Views on the blog have been going really well this month, and without even the massive boosts I had in October, I still managed to rack up 14,987 - slightly down but not much, and a much better and more consistent spread of views across the posts.
  • Unit reviews - I've now done three reviews of bloodbowl teams for the grim dark brotherhood blog, which have been extremely well received, so this is where the focus will likely be for the near future, along with trying to get some genestealer cult stuff in there too.
Blog Achievements

To be honest this month I've felt a little bit of a lack of inspiration in blogging terms, so it's a little strange I've still managed 14 posts. My next project to be working on however is my commission painting, starting with 10 marines and a rhino for heresy, so hopefully there'll be some movement on the blog in that direction after Christmas, and I'll be looking to get much more background in place for the Dusk Knights too, sorting out the page structure for their fluff on that part of the blog.


Yo-yo time, and after the high of last month's £5.49, November has dropped again to £2.03. Still, it's all money and will all go towards something cool!


This month wasn't a particularly inspiring month for painting, just working on the first scout bike and the second tactical squad, but it's been important for all that, and the Dusk Knights can now field a viable Combined Arms Detachment. As such, I've moved into working on the Emperor's Children and I have to say I'm really getting quite excited to show you where I've gone with them, it's a little unusual but I'm really pleased with the results so far. What that really means though more than anything is that I may not put up a hobby update next week with pics, as I want to get them to a more finished state so that they are a real spectacular post - I'm really loving the developing look.


Well, November was definitely a building month! I've got my Patriarch, Primus and Magus built for the Genestealer Cult, along with the Chimera that will double for the Cult and the Bromheads. The third drop pod is built, as is the first of the Sternguard Veterans for the Dusk Knights. This squad will all be sporting Storm Bolters, even though in game terms they will operate as normal boltguns - I love the look of the Storm Bolter but the rules are rubbish in comparison to the special issue ammo options (not sure why a storm bolter can't be loaded with special ammo). I also got the two basic bloodbowl teams built on saturday, though they will need cleaning up before they can be painted.

There's more to come in December too, with the first Guard Squad for the Cult/Bromheads and Squad Tercero for the Dusk Knights.

I've also yet to decide what to blow my birthday monies on so there might be more to come.

Till next time,

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