Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Space Marines - My top 5 and bottom 5 units in the codex. And why!

Greetings all! Well having had plenty of games with the space marine codex now I thought I'd have myself a little list-making exercise, and what better or more time honoured hobby blogger method for doing that than by the classic 'top 5' type post!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

State of the game - my thoughts on the factions so far...

Greetings all! Back in July, I wrote a post about my initial thoughts on 8th edition, and it was pretty well received (it's actually my third most viewed post of all time). Well, we're a few months down the line now, several codices into the new edition and I've played a lot more games, so I figured I'd do a kind of update to that post, though in a connected fashion rather than a direct follow-up.

What I think I'm going to do therefore is have a look at a few issues I have, take a look at the factions I've played and how I feel about them in narrative terms compared to their tabletop rules etc.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

List review - Dusk Knights 2000pts

Hi guys,
I thought I'd stick up a post covering the list that I took to Never Mind the BlogWars last weekend. Overall I did ok, nothing spectacular, but as my last post on the subject showed, I was actually only outscored in terms of sheer amount killed by 2 of the top 4 players, and only the 3 of us managed that 86% kill ratio or higher (the top player actually managed 95.65%).

That being said, my performance on maelstrom objectives was poor (in part due to some shocking card draws) in two of my games and lower than I've come to expect from this list in the third. I decided therefore to do a review of my list in similar vein to those Mike at St Andrews Wargaming does when he attends a tournament.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Hobby update - 13/1/17 Fallout from Never Mind the Blogwars

Greetings all, today's hobby update is going to be a bit of a different animal to normal, as most of my effort last week went into getting the final bits sorted for my attendance at Never Mind the Blog Wars on Saturday.

What follows therefore is a quick brief on the tournament, my results and the important bits from the weekend, plus a few thoughts on where I'll be taking the Dusk Knights from here and what's next on my plate.

Friday, 10 November 2017

The lesson learned - Sometimes the obvious use of an ability is not the most effective.

Greetings all,
I'm currently sat in the back of a mate's car on the way to Never Mind the Blogwars, but I've still got some pearls of wisdom to impart for you all! This week's lesson comes not from myself, but from a game I read up on on Mike Corr's excellent St Andrew's Wargaming blog.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

'Never Mind the Blogwars' - My Dusk Knight army 'Lest we forget'

Hi all, just a quick photo post today - this Saturday is 'Never Mind the Blog Wars', run by Alex at From the Fang. I've always enjoyed Alex's take on running tournaments, so was really pleased when he decided to run an 8th edition singles event that I could make once more!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Eldar army development

Greetings all,
today I wanted to have a quick look at how I go about developing an army list, and where better to look than my current project in planning - the Aeldari (specifically the Asuryani). I posted up last week about my 1st draft list, and today I want to look at how I've gone about tweaking it so far.

Ok, so the first draft was as follows

Farseer Skyrunner
Warlock Skyrunner Conclave (2 warlocks)
5 Dire Avengers
2x 10 Guardians
6 Howling Banshees
5 Fire Dragons
Wave Serpent
Autarch Skyrunner
2x 6 Windriders
2x Vypers
Fire Prism

Now, inevitably, as a first draft list (and without the codex yet) there were going to be changes to this, and in particular there were a few holes that I wanted to look at and to explore use of the various stratagems to hand.

First among equals here is the linked fire stratagem with the Fire Prism. Ok, it limits both units to fire at a single target, but the sheer potential devastation that could engender is insane. Assuming neither fire prism moves too far (or at all) then you're looking at 4 S12 shots with -5 AP and D6 damage, so potentially 24 damage in a single turn! And with re-rolls to hit and to wound that stratagem is a super-heavy killer right there. Alternatively, you could go for the middle profile and kick out a mighty potential 36 damage per turn, which I think is probably the more reliable way to go actually, though this is a gut feeling. Whilst I wouldn't normally recommend building an army around a stratagem, this is such a potential game winner that it's worth ensuring you at least have the potential in your list to make use of it.

Next up was the stratagem I talked about using with the Warlock Conclave. This doubles the range of a warlock psychic power, but as they're all 18" basic and the skyrunner's movement is 16", you really shouldn't be prevented from being in range of what you want to target, so I don't think there's a need to work round that one. Added to that, by switching Warlocks out of the conclave they all gain the character keyword so can't be targeted unless they're the closest model.

Right, so looking at the list, where are the weaknesses?

My intention here was to use the wraithlord in an aggressive role, kitting him out for close combat. I still rate the model in that respect, but I'm concerned that with only 1 in the list, it would be crippled too early to be useful. I'll probably work up a variant list in the future using more wraith units with this as a key element of the strategy, but for now he's gone.

Nasty, nasty guys they can kick out up to 4 S5 attacks each on the charge, so should mince through quite a bit. However, at 175pts I just had a little nervousness about them, particularly given they would likely be targeted by enemy heavy hitters. Again like the wraithlord, they'll probably make it into my collection, but for use with a variant list.

2 Guardian units sitting on objectives in my deployment zone are fine, but with no long range weapons that would be 160pts that wouldn't be affecting the outcome of the game unless my opponents were being aggressive and failed to get charges off against them. I could certainly look to make a saving here, though I'd made the philosophical decision not to use rangers in light of the craftworld background I'm working on separately.

So, how did I go about changing the list up?

Well, first I stripped out all the units I thought could be tweaked around, so out came the two guardian squads, the wraithblades, the wraith lord and the warlock conclave.

Instead, I added in a single Warlock Skyrunner so I would still have access to key runes of battle (not fussed about their smite tbh, the buffs are more important to me)

In came a second fire prism, to really boost up my ranged killy-death-ray-guns-of-doom.
I then looked at rearranging the troops units. By taking out 1 guardian squad, I could give the other a bright lance platform to influence things from afar, and instead take a second unit of dire avengers. I also figured I could re-jig the transport situation. Initially I had thought to support the Howling Banshees with the 5 Dire Avengers, but then I figured why not make the Howling Banshees the support unit? So, instead the Howling Banshees join the Fire Dragons in the Wave Serpent, meaning they can both get out, with the Fire Dragons hopefully rendering a transport to slag, with the Howling Banshees then charging the contents. That meant I had to find a place for 2 units of Dire Avengers and I'd got a Falcon buzzing round spare. Hmm. I like the Falcon, especially the Pulse Laser's fixed 3 damage. Maybe I should take 2 and put the Dire Avengers in the back? Sold! After a few more little tweaks, I realised that by foregoing the bright lance on the falcon turret and taking a shuriken cannon instead (along with a second shuriken cannon underneath) I could then fit on Spirit Stones and a Crystal Targeting Matrix on each one.

Cool, so now the list looks a little something like this.

Battalion detachment
Farseer Skyrunner (witchblade) Probably Guide & Doom
Warlock Skyrunner (witchblade). Probably Empower/Enervate

5 Dire Avengers (exarch dual wields catapults)
5 Dire Avengers (exarch dual wields catapults)
10 Guardian defenders (bright lance weapons platform)

5 Fire Dragons (fire pike exarch)
6 Howling Banshees (executioner exarch)

Falcon Grav Tank (2 shuriken cannons, crystal targeting matrix, spirit stones)
Falcon Grav Tank (2 shuriken cannons, crystal targeting matrix, spirit stones)

Outrider detachment
Autarch Skyrunner (fusion gun)

2 Vyper Jetbikes (bright lance, shuriken cannon)
6 Windriders (twin shuriken catapults)
6 Windriders (twin shuriken catapults)

Fire Prism Grav Tank (spirit stones)
Fire Prism Grav Tank (spirit stones)

Wave Serpent (Twin shuriken cannons, twin shuriken catapults, vectored engines)

The list now looks a whole lot more devastating at range, with a pair of pulse lasers, 2 prism cannons, 3 bright lances, 8 shuriken cannons plus a multitude of lighter weapons, and 5 fusion guns and a fire pike for close range anti tank.

The big loss is in close combat punch, with the howling banshees the only unit with any capability in that regard. On the whole though, I think the additional firepower at range makes this army build a much scarier prospect than previously, and with so much of it having the fly keyword and generous movement allowances, it's going to be really hard to pin down.

Obviously it suffers up close in comparison to the first draft list, and if I were to expand this list to 2.5k or higher that's where I'd look to focus the additional elements. Equally, I'm unsure yet whether this list would benefit from dropping the Banshees entirely for another warlock and some upgrades. At the moment I think I'd rather keep the combat unit, even if it is a minor thing, it'll still scare stuff like guard squads etc, and is incredibly useful for charging flamer units to prevent overwatch.

What do you guys think? Better? Or do I need to allow for a greater CC presence still?

Till next time,

Friday, 3 November 2017

Craftworld Il-Sariadh/Mael Dannan 1st draft list

Greetings all, well, I've done these for a couple of other armies now, and as I've now decided that my next project will in fact be an Eldar army instead, I figured it was probably sensible to do the same for how I'm planning on taking my Eldar army forward. I should probably preface this post with a little caveat however - this is not an attempt to push the capabilities of the codex to its limit. The intention is to represent a cohesive, flexible and mobile force that represents some of the wilder, vengeful elements of the Eldar spirit.

Don't forget to vote in the poll at the top right of my blog - I'm still undecided on the name of my craftworld to be and you guys will make it happen! Mael Dannan is ahead by 1 vote at the time of writing this!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Hobby update and #dreadtober

Hi all, just a very brief update today - I've been distracted by RL stuff I'm afraid. Still, I've had time to get work in on some new objective markers, my dreadnoughts for #dreadtober (which are now finished) and some commission stuff, though I've realised that without their mounts, the bloodbletters look like they're dancing to Gangnam Style!

Friday, 27 October 2017

The Lesson Learned - blessings in disguise.

Greetings all, welcome to this week's 'lesson learned' post. This week the lesson follows my game against Alpha Legion using my Dusk Knights Space Marines, and it's an interesting one, about making the most of a bad situation and seeing how something negative can have a positive effect on the game.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Windriders - a little look into the numbers.

Greetings all,

Hopefully you'll have seen from my earlier post that I'm looking at putting together an Eldar army in the near future, and that it will be heavily leaning on the mobility of that race, specifically jetbikes, grav tanks etc, with those vehicles transporting some of the more aggressive units in the codex into combat. Now, with that in mind (and having watched a couple of reviews of the book on youtube from those people to whom GW have provided a copy) I had a bit of a think about jetbikes and their options. Here's the result of that, hope it sheds some light on things for you!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Plans. Never make them too far ahead!

Greetings all! Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the blog here recently, I went away last weekend for a family break with some friends and their kids so things have been a bit quiet in general on the hobby front since early last week. Rest assured though, normal service will resume very soon, and a lesson learned post is coming for Friday. This week's topic is blessings in disguise!

Still, I digress, because the post title and header pic make it obvious (I hope) that something significant has just happened in my hobby. Hopefully you'll have seen that recently I've been preparing for my next army, getting my T'au colour scheme prepped and ready and drafting out a list to work with and build to.

Well, my biggest concern about that was that the list was written from the Index, and given the seemingly unrelenting pace that GW is churning out the codices at the moment that didn't seem to be too much of a problem. However, doubts persisted and I just couldn't resolve myself to spending such a significant amount of money if early next year (I'm guessing, no inside info here) a new codex dropped and messed up all my synergies (I don't like that kind of thing).

Add to that, one of my closest hobby buddies is also planning his own T'au list, and you get where this might be heading? Yup, the Firestorm Enclave is to be put on hold for a bit. I'll still work on the background for it, and I'll probably even pick up the odd unit here and there to gradually put something together, but I'm shifting focus for a while instead.

But, where to? I hear you ask (speak up a bit!).

Well, given the above, it should be fairly obvious that it's to one of the factions that already has a book, and given I already have the marine codex we're narrowing things down quite a bit.

Ok, I'll just tell you shall I?

Eldar (or Aeldari for the newcomers amongst you).

7th edition was not a time to start an Eldar army, at least not if you wanted to keep your friends.

Now, I suppose I ought to give you a bit of background about me and the Eldar, cos we have history. A lot of history!

Way back when after I'd painted so many marines I wanted a break from it all, I bought some Eldar bits. In particular, a Falcon grav tank. I painted it up in some colours I really liked, spending hours (about 16 if I recall, cos I kept track of it back then) getting it how I wanted. Then GW went and changed the paint range and deleted all the main colours I'd used, replacing them with, well, nothing remotely similar.

Being rather more patient back then, I readjusted and repainted the Falcon in shades of midnight blue and it still looked pretty good, but sadly the scheme just didn't translate well to the guardians. That plan got scrapped, and I moved on to something else (Night Lords I think).

Back in 6th edition, I tried again, bought a few bits, including a Wraithknight, and began a new paint scheme. I had always wanted a jetbike list, loving the aesthetic of all those lovely grav tanks and bikes sweeping across the table. There was just one problem, the age of the jetbike model and the upright position of the rider grated something inside me, so I decided to wait until a new model came out. Instead, I figured a wraith army would be quite cool, low model count but equally visually impressive (this is actually something Eldar armies do really well, keeping strong design elements through different sizes/types of models enabling your army to look visually stunning if it's themed right). Then the new codex hit, and d-weapons became the new cheese. This I didn't want to be a part of, so I dropped the project once more.

Then, wonder of wonders, rumours of a new jetbike model! At last, all my dreams were coming true! Err, no, because once more, cheese had infiltrated the craftworld, and nastiness ensued. I still didn't want to be a part of that. Now however, we have a new eldar codex, and it sounds (from what I've heard/seen) as if finally we have something I would be willing to collect that won't lose me all my friends, but is equally everything I wanted it to be in visual terms.

So, forget the T'au for now, next project is the Eldar (look for revised hobby goals for the hobby season incoming!).

Now, I need your help here, because already I'm torn! I have two names bubbling round in my head for possible craftworlds, and I'll be using the Saim Hann attribute for my list, so keep that in mind, the wild, unleashed element of the Eldar spirit set free upon the battlefield.

Craftworld Il-Sariadh. This is a GW created Craftworld, though with only a very small amount of narrative (thanks Winters!) to go with it. The Craftworld played host to a gathering of Harlequins, but at the height of their performance, one was revealed to be the Changeling, who triggered a mass invasion by daemons. The invasion was thrown back by an aspect warhost, but the 'best and brightest' had been cut down.

In narrative terms therefore, I can easily see this as triggering the wilder side of the Eldar to take over, the Craftworld becoming ever more aggressive as they lack the guidance from the more restrained elements of Eldar society. It would also justify inclusion of some Wraithkin elements, but would limit the opportunity for taking a Farseer. I could easily justify that in narrative terms, but that invasion is a significant narrative element I'd have to work around.

Craftworld Mael Dannan. This is the second option therefore, entirely my own creation and therefore at present has little fluff behind it, though that's easily rectified. The key thing here is the name, with Mael Dannan in Eldar meaning 'Total and merciless extermination'. I like this as somewhere to start, and it also lends itself to a spirit-defining moment in the Craftworld's history where a previously 'peaceful' colony in the 40k universe is spurred on by such collective loss that it becomes a raging inferno of destruction, intent on exacting revenge upon the lesser races, whatever the cost.

So, I've put a little poll up on the blog, please feel free to cast your vote, and when it expires, whatever the result, that will be the name of my new army!

In other news, this project is also coinciding with some of my closer friends also commencing new armies, so keep your eyes peeled in that respect, as something new may be coming!

Till next time,

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Dark Imperium Premier League

Greetings all! I thought that today I'd talk to you about something I'm running over at my club at the moment - the Dark Imperium Premier League. This is a league where club members could challenge other participants to a game and for those games to mean something rather more than just who got bragging rights for the next week.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Hobby update 16/10/17 - where has October gone?

Greetings all, just a quick update for you all today, as I appear to have misplaced a couple of weeks of October! With a busy weekend visiting family just gone and a long weekend away coming up painting time may be a bit sparse for a couple of weeks, but here goes with what I've got so far!

Friday, 13 October 2017

The lesson learned. Characters are key. Keeping them alive is more so!

Greetings all, I've played a few games recently, and as such have a wealth of material to choose from for this post! I've gone for the impact and importance of characters however, and I'll also have a little look at how their use has changed into 8th edition.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Tau - the Firestorm Enclave is born!

Greetings all, time for another list post! A little while ago you may remember I posted up a couple of potential lists I was working on in terms of starting a new army, one for the Genestealer Cult and one for the Tau.

Since then, those ideas have largely sat around in my hobby folder and nothing has happened with them, but in working away the other night on my colour scheme for them, I reignited a bit of a flame for them, so I sat back down and took another look at the list I'd written, armed with a few more examples of Tau lists from battle reports I've seen and a little more information on how the units tie in together, plus a whole whack more experience of 8th edition. List discussion comes after the break.

Friday, 6 October 2017

The lesson learned - the hardest lessons are learned the quickest.

Greetings all, welcome to the latest part in my lesson series, today I'm looking at not a specific tactical issue as such, but that sometimes you just have to grin and bear the pain and keep going, because making mistakes and having your stuff shot/hacked off the table is the best way to make sure you don't do the same thing again (unless you're as thick as I can be!).

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hobby season - short term goals 2 & 3 - TO DONE!

Hi all! Well today after my hobby season success of last week, I have a couple more stamps to award myself for staying focused!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Hobby update 2-10-17 - clearing the decks for Dreadtober.

Greetings all! With a new month comes a new challenge!  I'm taking part in Dreadtober this year, so I've got some dread pics for you later, but for now, let's have a look at what I've achieved already at the end of September shall we?

First up, my first completed Razorback in a long time! I've done weathering on this guy too which I'm really pleased with, now I just need to add a second to join him!

Next up, we have my converted Terminator Captain, using the Asterion Moloch model,  an old masters of the chapter storm shield and a thunder hammer head, plus a sculpted base. This guy came together really quickly once I knuckled down and started painting him, and I'm really pleased with how he performed in the game too, taking on the avatar of Ynnead and emerging victorious. These first photos aren't quite the finished article, which can be seen in-game against the yncarne itself.

Next up we have the 8th company captain, Jace Fenix, who is also now complete though I don't have photos for him sadly (yet).

I've also been progressing with some of my hobby season pledges, with these sniper scouts now just needing detail adding to their faces and bases.

Last night I wrote a new list for a game I'm playing this week, and to use it I need a crusader squad, so here we are, my 3rd tactical squad got sacrificed to the altar of alteration and is now armed with bolt pistols and chainswords.

After that, I got these heavy bolter guys finished - these are on my hobby season list too so look out for some nicer photos of them and the other devastators on there tomorrow night.

I then did a bit of wash and colour work on some of my scenery, this building being phase 1 of a much larger ruined cathedral we're working on for the grim dark brotherhood.

And now the promised dreadtober pics! Last night I put down much of the base silver so that I could crack on with some detail work.

And so today during my lunch break I got on with that detail. I'm particularly pleased with the base and the lamppost for the dread on the left, it's going to look pretty characterful when it's done I think!

Till next time!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Battle report - Astartes vs Ynnari

Greetings all,
Whilst I didn't take comprehensive notes of this game, I thought I'd bring to you my latest foray in 8th edition, as 3,000pts of Dusk Knights took on 3,000pts of combined Aeldari and Harlequins under the banner of the Ynnari.

Friday, 29 September 2017

The lesson learned - It never hurts, to..ooh look, a bee!

Greetings all,

Welcome to another episode of 'a lesson learned', a regular series where I take an element of one of my games and analyse what happened in detail to try and learn some tactical lessons to use in my games going forward. Today's article focuses on the art of distraction.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Monday, 25 September 2017

Hobby update 25/9/17 - Daemonic incursion and continuing blues

Greetings all! Seems like only a few days since I've done one of these, and then I remember that last week's was late, so it really is just a few days! Still, I've made some significant progress even since then to show you all, so here goes!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hobby update 21/9/17 - Nurgle defeated

Greetings all, sorry about the silence on the blog for the last few days - I'm afraid that after my second weekend away in a row, I was struck down on Sunday night by the dreaded lurgy - there must have been some poxwalkers at that party I went to! Still, I'm pleased to report the evil forces of Nurgle have been banished back to the great rift, and progress is once more underway, so here we go!

Friday, 15 September 2017

Lesson learned part 2 - the fat lady is never early!

Greetings all, welcome to the second part in my new series, where I take an element from one of my games and focus on it in detail, examining how it affected the outcome of the game and what I could have done better, or why what I did was successful. Hopefully it'll prove interesting and if it helps you guys learn something that you didn't know before, then hooray!

This week's lesson is entitled 'The Fat Lady is never early'

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Hobby season - short term goal 1 - to done!

Right then people, I've been beavering away with feverish abandon here recently, notwithstanding the weekend's forced removal from my paint station. I'm pleased to say that I can now confirm completion of my first hobby goal for the season, namely 4 vanguard veterans, 5 bolter scouts, 2 plasma cannon devastators and a devastator sergeant with storm bolter. Pics to follow after the jump.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Hobby update 11-9-17 - scouting for Tau!

Greetings all - time for another look at my hobby desk, though this week it's not quite as covered in paint as usual - this week it's plastic shavings and glue!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Lesson Learned - a new feature!

Greetings all!

Today is the beginning of a new feature here on the blog, hopefully one that will be of interest to you all. I'm calling it (drumroll please) 'The Lesson Learned'. Each article (hopefully weekly) will take a single point of note from one of my games (mostly 40k, but will occasionally be something else that I play) and will look at that thing in detail. Could be a rule, a tactic or something more esoteric. Today's discussion point is going to look at an element of deployment, in particular whether to deploy key units out of sight or in a transport.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Hobby update 6-9-17 - Better late than never, right?

Greetings all - it's a little late this week for which I apologise, but here's my photo dump of the stuff I've been working on over the last 10 days.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

8th ed Space Marine codex review part 5 - Fast Attack

Greetings - welcome to the next part of my space marines codex review - this time we're looking at fast attack choices, probably one of the more limited sections of the book (ironic since space marine are supposed to excel at lightning assaults eh?).

Without further ado, let's get into this then shall we?

Monday, 28 August 2017

Hobby update - 28/7/17 - Sheer devastation

Greetings all! Well I've got a massive picture dump for you this week! I got some stuff on the finished bench last week and there's loads more progress this week too for you to enjoy! Compliments gratefully received!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Thursday, 24 August 2017

8th ed Space Marine codex review part 3 - troops and elite squads

Greetings all - welcome to the third part of my space marine codex review - this time I'm looking at the troops section, and the elites choices that come as squads rather than single models. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Hobby season review and goals for next season

Greetings fellow hobbyists! It's fast approaching that time of the year again when the hobby season renews. The hobby season is something I've watched from afar for a few years now, run by Dave Weston over at http://www.40kaddict.uk, and last year I decided to dip my toe into it on my own blog. As the season comes to a close, I thought I'd take a look at how I got on.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Hobby update 21/8/17 - nice to be able to put a few things in the finished pile!

Greetings all! Well last week has certainly been a busy week in my painting den, let's have a look at all that lovely progress shall we?

First up, as I've been working hard on getting my devastators up to snuff, I figured it was probably a good time to get some sergeants done for them too and to stop borrowing my tactical squad sergeants instead.

 First up we have Sergeant Camilo, of Squad Noveno, Hazard Company. Since this photo was take he's had his bolter barrels drilled out, so all that needs to be done before he's totally finished is to add a back banner.
 This is probably one of my favourite Sternguard models, from the old metal veterans kit. I'm so glad I kept hold of them and didn't sell them on as I have done with a few of my older models.

Apologies for the funky colours, these pics were taken on my phone at work, and the lighting there mean I had to tinker with the colour settings to get somewhere close to true.

The other Devastator Squad sergeant is Sergeant Adan of Squad Decimo, Hazard Company. As his name is derived from some language and means 'red' I figured he ought to have a red robe, though I'd normally reserve those for command models. I like to think it's perhaps because he's the senior sergeant in the company structure.

Next up we have a lieutenant from Strike Company, Lieutenant Clors (yes, I named him after deciding his robe looks a little like Santa). He'll be a patrol commander when I look to take smaller armies to the field, the jump pack allowing him to command from on high yet still be swift enough to support any squad that needs it.

Again, I've been taking pics at work and the one below probably best represent the actual colours on the model, which I took last night in my garage under better lighting conditions.

Next up we have the full pic of Squad Noveno supporting elements of the 2nd and 4th Companies under the watchful gaze of Lieutenant Clors. Not sure how the lascannons got finished before the missile launchers when they were started much later, but that happens sometimes when you're a painting butterfly like me!

And yes, for the sensitive amongst you, that is a Dark Angels banner - I like to think the Dusk Knights are reinforcing another loyalist force rather than betraying them however!

No prizes for guessing what the next stuff to be added will be! I've been hacking various bits about for a few days putting all kinds of scouts together. Turns out I've actually got quite a lot of 10th company models lying around, guess I need to get back to my naming spreadsheet!

Almost there, I promise! This is Captain Jax Iago of Strike Company, which is the crusade company of the Dusk Knights and I fully intend them to use the Black Templars rules on the field of battle - the idea behind it is the Dusk Knights like to maintain the crusader traditions of the Black Templars and Sigismund's original coterie in the Imperial Fists. As such, 2nd Company is permanently on crusade, and responsible for their own recruitment and munitions, materiel etc. Basically it lets me use the two forces together without having to go through a whole new paint scheme to use Black Templars. 

  In a mighty effort of foresight, I actually magnetised the jump pack on Iago, which lets me do this:

Meaning that actually, I can switch this model out when I don't just need a company captain with jump pack to throw on the table alongside Chapter Master Regulo and Captain Alvaro, and he can actually be used as an Emperors Champion (seriously, have you seen their rules now?) Whilst I'll put together another model for Iago when I want that to be the case.

And finally for this week, in a suitably dark and brooding picture (seriously, what's up with my pics at the moment - I think the issue with this one is that when the lights are bright enough to pick out the shading of his robes, they reflect horribly off the very pale parts of his armour) is Chaplain Ezequiel, strong right arm of the Emperor. Well, strong left arm since that's where the power fist is. To be honest, I'm a bit underwhelmed by the Crozius stats, so added a power fist for those occasions when I needed a little more punch (haha, jeez I'm so funny!)

Sorry if that was a bit pic-heavy, hopefully next week I'll have some servants of the Blood God to show you, along with some more finished Vanguard Veterans.

Till next time,