Monday, 30 January 2017

Collectors Edition Chaplain Showcase - Chaplain Ezequiel

Greetings all! As some of you may know - the above chaplain was available for purchase for a limited time, and for a while eBay went nuts as people payed obscene amounts of money for them.

I wasn't one of those people, but I had seen pictures of the figure and was extremely disappointed that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on one.

Then I noticed a competition of sorts on the weemen blog where Siph had one of the models to give away. All that was required was a donation to Cancer Research UK.

Siph was more than generous during my own Charity efforts last year, so it only seemed fair to donate in return, and I would have done so even had there been no prize on offer.

The awesome news that I'd won however arrived on the 27th December, with Siph posting the model out shortly after.

Now, as it wasn't the only one he'd managed to get his hands on, we made a gentleman's agreement that we'd both aim to paint the model in January, and do a showcase of them both at the end of the month. Siph's finished chaplain can be found here

So here it is - my journey through painting this gorgeous figure!

Step 1: Assembly

I got very eager here once the package was open, and stuck everything together straight away. I did regret that a little bit when it came to painting the model, but not to anything but the most detailed inspection.

Step 2: Base & Primer

I deviated a little from my normal Dusk Knight basing scheme, which involves stuffing as many parts from my bitz box as I can on the base, and went with a little more understatement to show off the model more. A little cork floor tile to stand on and a Tyranid head and we're done.

Step 3: First paint

 Normally I like to paint my models from the deepest recesses to the outer surfaces, but since most of the armour on this guy is black, that's not really so necessary. I started out by blocking out the skulls and parchment areas with mournfang brown, as I like to provide a dark base to these items, but find that black is too much. This did prompt a mate to allege that someone had pooed all over the model, but what the heck. The base is just drybrushed with Eshin Grey.

I knew I wanted the Chaplain to run alongside my Dusk Knights, and figured that painting the cape in their traditional dark blue would be the best way of achieving a cohesive look when they're all on the table together. Here I started the blend with a mix of Kantor Blue and Black, then Kantor Blue, transitioning through Alaitoc Blue to Teclis Blue. You can even go as far as Lothern Blue and then white with this blend, though I kept it a bit darker on this occasion so as not to detract too much from the black armour.

Step 4: Skullz!

This model has a lot of skulls on it! 28 in fact!

I started layering up the skulls using Zandri Dust, Ushabti Bone and then Screaming Skull - this gave a nice yellowish tint to the bones that would contrast nicely with the colour I usually paint oath papers in. I also painted all the red parts at this time - the wax for the purity seals and the handle of the Crozius. The purity seals were Mephiston Red while the crozius was done in Khorne Red.

I also started detailed out the banding on his armour, which I basecoat in Brass Scorpion with a top layer of Runelord Brass.

Step 5: Shoulder pad and Crozius

Of all the techniques I've developed over the years to paint various elements of my models, I think the green laurels I painted on a veteran blood angel marine have been the most striking. Ever since then I've always painted laurels the same way, base coating in a dark green (Caliban Green now) followed by a couple of lighter, smaller highlights (Warpstone Glow and Moot Green) before adding a very small amount of white to the edge of each leaf. The above pic show the first two layers, and I've added some Rakarth Flesh to the wings of the Crozius.

I also at this stage started highlighting the edges of the armour plates, and doing more banding (Brass Scorpion). The edge highlights were done using a 50:50 mix of Kantor Blue and Alaitoc Blue, and applying them sparingly.

Step 6: Everything else!

Unfortunately for the step-by-step breakdown, I then had a monster session and finished the whole model in 3 more hours, but by now you should see most of the recipes I use and it's just a case of applying them elsewhere.

For completeness though I'll detail what I've done!

Tyranid Skull: Red is Khorne Red base, then Wazdakka Red layer with a wash over of Carroburg Crimson.
Base: Eshin Grey, followed by drybrush layers of Steel Legion Drab and Karak Stone. Lighter drybrushes of these two layers go on the bottom of the cape.
Oath papers: Rakarth Flesh highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh. Writing is added using Rhinox Hide (NOT black)
Purity Seals: Mephiston Red, washed with Agrax Earthshade, then highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Wild Rider Red.

Here you can see the dust on the bottom of the cape, and more of an idea of the layers on the Crozius - these were done using the same layers as the oath papers but with an Agrax Earthshade wash over the Rakarth Flesh.

The Crozius haft was finished with a higlight of Wazdakka Red to each piece then washed with Carroburg Crimson, same as the Tyranid Skull. The ropes use the same Steel Legion Drab/Karak Stone recipe as the base, but not drybrushed.
Steel pipes are just leadbelcher with a light wash of Nuln Oil.

With that then, I'll leave you with just a few more pics of the finished model.

And a final pic for my gallery, when I get round to updating it!

I guess now I just need a Terminator Librarian or two and a Captain to go with him! I may even look at converting up a Terminator Command Squad with apothecary, standard bearer and champion, wouldn't that be fun!

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