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Dusk Knights - 2017 plans

Greetings all!

Here I am once again with my continuing ramblings on what 2017 holds. My last post looked at my generic hobby plans for the year, but I've decided to do a more detailed post, focusing on each of my armies and setting out my plans for them, whether or not they are to be expanded on, fluff, tactics, tournaments etc.

Without further ado then, let's have a look at the Dusk Knights.

Thos of you who follow the blog even slightly will know that these guys formed a huge part of my hobbying last year. Back in February I decided to revamp my collection, ditching the larger part of my Iron Fists collection to consolidate into a bike list, and then starting a new marine army based around an infantry force and the more commonplace (fluff wise at least) battle company. Later I also decided to sell on the bikes to fund further expansion of the Dusk Knights.

Where am I at now?

In terms of fully painted models, the Dusk Knights current strength comprises the following:

Pedro Kantor (Saul Regulo) - Chapter Master
Raul Alvaro - Captain of 4th 'Hazard' Company
Epistolary Ildefonso
Epistolary Guiomar
Epistolary Valerio
Epistolary Severiano
Techmarine specialist Vasco & Thunderfire Cannon
Terminator Squad Rico (10 veteran brothers in Cataphractii plate)
Tactical Squad Primus (10 brothers with grav gun and grav cannon in drop pod)
Tactical Squad Segundo (10 brothers with flamer and heavy bolter in drop pod)
Land Speeder Hailstorm (Tornado pattern)
Ancient Sosimo (Contemptor Dreadnought)
Devastator Sergeant Camilo
Scout Sergeant Custodio

To add to that collection, I have the following:
Tactical Squad Tercero (10 brothers with combi melta, meltagun and multi melta in drop pod)
Devastator Squad Noveno (4 brothers with Grav Cannons in drop pod)
Devastator Squad Decimo (5 brothers with 4 Plasma Cannons)
Devastator Squad (4 brothers with Missile Launchers)
Sternguard Squad (9-10 brothers)
Honour Guard Squad (5 brothers)
Epistolary Macario
Ancient Ambrosio (Contemptor Dreadnought)
Chaplain in Terminator Armour
Stormhawk 'Moloch'
Land Speeder Storm
Assorted Scouts on foot, mainly snipers
Terminator Captain with Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
8 Scouts on bikes

By anyone's estimation, that's enough to keep me going for a good long while with the painting, so the first thing I need to say is that I won't be adding to this collection for at least six months in an effort to catch up with the painting.

The Dusk Knights are most certainly my main army, with all the attendant purchases and playing time that usually accompanies such a moniker. What they are currently lacking in however, is a substantial amount of supporting background and fluff to go with them, so that's where priority 2 (after painting) comes with this army.

Develop the background, flesh out the characters, and add it all to the Dusk Knights pages of the blog!

In order to help me do that though, I'm going to need some raw material. Enter priority 3. The Dusk Knights so far have been pretty absent from the tabletop, their only 2 appearances last year being an intro game against some blood angels, and Station 19 - the silence of Golovin. In both games, Chapter Master Regulo excelled himself, though it's safe to say that my list in Station 19 was pretty much a throwback to the old herohammer style, with a librarius conclave, a terminator captain and a chapter master as I wanted to field only painted models.

Since then I've added another tactical squad and some terminators to the finished pile, and Ryan and I are looking to introduce some narrative style games as the Dusk Knights continue to investigate the happenings on Golovin.

I'm expecting the majority of the narrative stuff to come from me, but I'm hoping we can also add in some different missions, perhaps with some secret objectives, to keep the narrative flowing organically. Station 19 was in my top ten posts of last year, despite being a purely narrative piece detailing a battle Ryan and I had played, so I'm fully intending on expanding that style and the Golovin battle reports will all be narrative works rather than using maps or turn by turn accounts with score updates.

One of the other elements I really wanted to bring to the fore with the Dusk Knights as well is the smaller scale nature of many conflicts. 40k is often very grand in its scope and reach, but we often forget the foundations of the game as a skirmish battle, and I wanted to bring some of that back this year with the Dusk Knights. That's going to start with Kill Team, and though I haven't listed them above, I have a load of parts set aside for a Dusk Knights kill team comprising a mix of bikers and scouts.

One of the things about the background of 40k that often strikes me is just how scary a single marine really is, and Dan Abnett's awesome 'Brothers of the Snake' reinforces exactly that concept. Marc van Holst's Iron Snakes are also some serious inspiration for any of us out there wanting a special looking marine force.

Before bloodbowl was released I had fully intended on running a kill team campaign, so I might very well try to reinstate that with a few choice opponents before expanding things into larger battles but using the same 'every man is a unit unto himself' concept.

In the second half of the year, I should hopefully have made a serious dent in that painting list so it could be time for some more purchases. Obviously many of us are expecting 8th edition 40k to drop, which may force my hand one way or another, but either way I'd like to add some of the more exotic units back into my collection. Oh yes, and I'm extremely short of armour, so look to see at the very least a squadron of tanks hoving into view on the horizon!

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