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Hobby update - 23/1/17 - Grav Devastators and a Stormhawk WiP

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Greetings all, welcome to another little look at what's on my painting desk at the moment!

Last week I gave you a little peek at my grav devastators, they were in several pieces as I was working away at them and only one had a head...

Well I'm pleased to say that now they are finished and I'm very pleased with how they turned out - now I just need a tough game to test them in as I wouldn't want to drop 23 grav shots on someone in a friendly match!
4 Devastator marines with grav cannons
Devastator Squad Noveno - terminators beware!
As with all the Dusk Knight models, I've weathered them with chipping and scratches, done with rhinox hide and leadbelcher and a knackered old brush (don't throw old brushes away - they come in very handy for this!)

Brother Nicodemo
I probably should have painted the writing on the banner before I glued the guy over the top - what a noob!

Brother Sandalio
I used a lamp from my bits box on here, but wanted it to look like it wasn't switched on, so some delicate highlighting in the corners of the glass sufficed.

Brother Fulgencio
Sorry the pic is a bit blurry, it was very late when I finished the squad and I wanted to go to bed!

Brother Saulo
I'm really looking forward to getting these guys into a game, I've used them once before but that was in a 12,000 point monster mash and the first target was a knight with a seemingly invincible ion shield. After that the opponent got scared and shot them a lot with his flying daemon princes!

After these guys were finished, I got a little bit distracted, didn't have a clear plan of what needed doing next besides their pod, and I wanted a little break before tackling that marathon!

- - - Diversion - - -

Towards the end of last week I got thinking about tournaments. I'm hoping to go back to the Greetings from the Warp doubles (find them on facebook) that Martin and I attended last year, when we won best painted army. Martin is my partner again this year but I've got rid of the Iron Fists so I need a new list to take. After much scribbling and re-scribbling (ok, I used battlescribe) I came up with a zippy fast force that would complement Martin's more anvil-like collection.

I'd say I won't post up the list here in case anyone attending is reading, but let's face it, that's what I'm going to be painting so people will know what I'm up to anyway. If it runs true to last year's form then it's 800pts each, minimum requirements are 1 hq and 1 troop, which also comprises the minimum requirements of an amended CAD (so you can take a CAD without needing 2 troops and your army is still considered battle forged).

  • Libby on bike with force axe - needs converting. Thankfully I have all the parts I might want already!
  • Scout Squad - 5 scouts with sniper rifles and camo cloaks, with a Land Speeder Storm and Multi Melta.
  • Land Speeder Squadron - 3 Land Speeders with heavy bolters and assault cannons
  • Stormhawk Interceptor - Las Talon, Assault Cannons and Typhoon Missile Launcher
  • 10th Company Task Force, comprising
    • 3-man Scout Bike Squad - cluster mines and two astartes grenade launchers
    • 3-man Scout Bike Squad - cluster mines and two astartes grenade launchers
    • 3-man Scout Bike Squad - cluster mines and two astartes grenade launchers
Now it's not quite as mobile as the last force I brought to the party, which was all mounted on bikes, but there's still some very fast moving stuff in there, and if the scouts get camped in cover on an objective they could be very hard to shift!

This force will take skill to wield well I think, as it's all quite fragile. The main force will be using Iron Hands tactics I think so as to perhaps extend the survivability of all those 2HP vehicles, whilst I will probably plump for White Scars tactics for the formation to increase their jink saves to 3+. I just need to remember that the libby if he joins a unit of bikes will stop both elements from using their tactics.

So, armed with a plan for what needed painting (basically all of it except for 1 speeder) and knowing the tournament is at the beginning of June, I'd better get cracking!

Primed Stormhawk

As such, on Friday I put this fella on my painting table. I know I know, troops first, but I also want to use it in other games more than the other units I need to get painted, so it's first up!

Stormhawk basecoat part done

By the time I went to bed on Friday, I'd got a large part of the basecoat done. Still doesn't look like much though eh?

Sotrmhawk base colours done

This is more like it - end of play on Saturday night and I'm pretty happy, particularly with the balance of the blue/cream as I spent quite a while pondering that - I knew I wanted more than just the cockpit done but wanted to try and match the proportions of colours to the tactical marines in the army so it wasn't too blue or too cream.

Storm Hawk 60% done

End of play last night, after about 2 hours more work. I've begun the edge highlighting (this will take a long time, there's a lot of armour panels!) and the weathering on the cream sections is done. It's a three part process once the basecoat of Rakarth Flesh is done - I drybrush/stipple a heavy dose of Rhinox Hide into the corners, then a slightly lighter application using the same method of Steel Legion Drab. Finally again using the same method I then work Rakarth Flesh back from the main areas of colour to limit any bits that are too large and to break up what can otherwise be a distinct outline. The edge highlighting on the cream is done with Pallid Wych Flesh.

After also glossing up the red lenses and lights on the model I'd had enough edge highlighting for a bit, so did this instead.
Drop pod 3 initial stages.
The weathering on the Stormhawk had gone so well I figured I'd do some for the pod as well - I'm really pleased with the results so might be a bit more enthusiastic about this pod than either of the last two I've done, though that's not to say it won't still take me ages!

Still, it'll be good to have three finished and available to me, then I just need to get the fourth painted and the next four bought!

Till next time,

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