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Hobby update - 30-1-17 - I got the Dusk Knight blues!

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Ok so before you start worrying about my sanity in terms of me getting fed up of painting - nothing could be further from the truth! I've just done a lot of basecoating this week, specifically dusk knights, so my pot of Kantor blue has taken such a battering I needed to order another. 
Whilst I did so, I also took the opportunity to order some of the new air version of the paint as a friend of mine has lent me his starter airbrush kit, so I figured why not use it to get some basic colours laid down on the models, and get a smoother basecoat whilst I'm at it. I'll show you the results of that probably next week once I've had a go. In the meantime, I've been cracking on with the requirements for that doubles list I mentioned last week, and here are the results. I'm doing a slightly different format for the hobby update this week, adding in progress pics as I take them, so there will be several pics all through the week and you can see in more detail the stages I've gone through with each model/unit.

Dusk Knights Landspeeders and Scout

These guys were first on the bench on Monday, I figured the time in my lunch break was not best for detail work, so figured mindless application of base coat would be best.

I don't use a particularly large brush for base coat work, preferring to use a smaller brush but get a better finish, so I think this is pretty reasonable for half an hour or so's work.

Dusk Knight Landspeeders

The next night I decided to finish off the land speeder blue then crack on with some other stuff. As you can see I've added the initial yellow coat for the hazard doors on one of the speeders. I also decided to glue the speeders to their bases at this point, since they've got some old metal model parts on that mean if they weren't glued, they'd keep falling off. I'm thinking that I will add some red detail to one of the speeders to denote a squadron leader, but have yet to figure out where I want that to be, tips of the rear winglets perhaps?

I got a little distracted over the weekend (see later) but on Sunday night turned my attention back to these guys, as I would need them in a game on Thursday (also keep an eye out for this, there's going to be a string of linked games getting reported on the blog).

Most important task was the hazard stripes, and I got the black striping done, it now just needs highlighting. I also blocked out the Rakarth Flesh on the crew, and got all the larger areas of silver done. As you can see though, I still got a bit distracted, getting some base colours on an Imperial Space Marine I traded for some commission painting work with a friend. I've also added the squadron leader markings I discussed, and I'm really happy with them. Simple I know, but I think it makes a big difference when you see the squadron all together.

So, with Thursday's deadline looming malevolently, I put some more work into the speeders. Monday lunchtime update! Brass Scorpion applied to the chest eagles and heavy bolters, and some of the detailing of the first speeder. That same speeder has also had the yellow highlight applied to the hazards.

Dusk Knight Drop Pod

I've decided to try and fit painting the drop pod in amongst other stuff this time to avoid going insane concentrating on it to the exclusion of all else and it still taking me a month! Monday night's work therefore consisted of laying down the base blue on two of the five vanes. I actually think that these are the worst parts of the pod, the internal gubbins are fiddly but much more fun to paint and it's the monotony of painting, highlighting and detailing the outside that gets me, so many rivets to do!

Sniper Scouts and scout bikes WiP

Tuesday lunch saw me working on some smaller stuff, I did all the blue areas on half of my sniper scouts, and a couple of the scout bikers. I've also put down the base layer of yellow on the bike bases. These parts will get heavily weathered down to represent a shattered force of Imperial Fists that the Dusk Knights are avenging, so the photo above shows them much more vibrant than they will end up. I try to keep themes where possible with my minis, though the yellow is mainly as a strong contrast to the blue. The army is mostly based around the idea of these guys crossing a battlefield where the Imperial Fists and Word Bearers (amongst others) had taken each other apart.

Sniper scouts in progress

Wednesday saw me return to the scouts. The bike bases got their first was of agrax earthshade to tone them down a bit, I'll probably do another before weathering the metal panels. Then I got the base layer of Rakarth Flesh on the cloth areas of the scouts armour. I've not decided on a camouflage pattern for the cloaks yet, nor the colours I'm going to use, but rest assured they won't be plain blue when I'm done!

It may look as though these guys are further towards completion than is actually the case, since rather than re-spray them back to black, I'm just painting straight over the previous scheme on them. Which is why the sergeant has a Raven Guard insignia on his shoulder, which will be edged in red I think to differentiate him from the rest of the squad, I'll have a look at my reference books later.

Dusk Knights Stormhawk pre-weathering

I then focused my attention on the Stormhawk. I'm so excited to get this model finished and on the table, it's now at the pre-weathering stage, though there's a lot of weathering to do on it!

You know I mentioned there were a lot of rivets on the drop pod? That's nothing - this models seems to have one rivet for every space marine in the chapter!

Weathering will consist of dirtying down the silver (I've ordered some Nuln Oil gloss to try it out and see if I prefer that effect, I'm hoping I will) and applying some heat effects to the exhaust nozzles at the rear. I've seen this done several ways but the one I prefer the most is that demonstrated by Siph from the Weemen blog here, though as he says it's not his technique originally.

Once that's done, I'll give the whole model a going over with the usual combination of Rhinox Hide and Leadbelcher to wear the paint in places, before highlighting with either Alaitoc Blue or Pallid Wych Flesh depending on where the weathered elements are. Next up is the finished pics of the Stormhawk.

After several traumatic attempts at converting some Tau Piranhas, I decided to keep the Stormhawk as designed, to be honest I really like the silhouette it makes anyway. I need to finish and detail the base, but I'm more than pleased with it. I tried it out in a game on Thursday too and it certainly proved worthwhile, the versatility of the typhoon missile launcher in particular meaning there's no targets it can't at least suppress.

Finally then, and apologies for the over exposed picture - it was taken late at night and I couldn't be bothered to sort out the flash since none of these guys have final paint on them - this is what distracted me over the weekend. I traded some bits with my GDB colleagues last week, and spent several happy hours on Saturday putting together the next wing of my Dusk Knights collection - the Command Squads and Sternguard Veterans. Above we have a command squad with 5 plasma guns (though the guns are magnetised so can be swapped out for any others I happen to think appropriate. 4 Sternguard with combi plasmas (yes, I like plasma) and two other sternguard sergeants, one with a combi melta and another with a combi grav. I also used an old dark angels robed torso to put together a custom chaplain (until GW release a non terminator armoured one I like the look of). I've added a power fist to the model too so that he can definitely have a tool for any target.

So that's me done for the week, what did you all get up to?

PS: As today has been a double update day - don't forget to check out my chaplain showcase.

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