Monday, 9 January 2017

Hobby update - I've been building. Quite a lot of stuff actually!

Greetings all,

Well, I figured with a new year comes a new responsibility (sorry for the mis-quote Mr Lee). What I mean by that, is that I'm going to try and get my posts into a much more organised state, with better pictures once minis are finished (yup, you're still going to have to feed off the crap WiP ones I'm afraid).

What that also means, is that at this start of the year, I figured it would be quite cool to do a photographic run-down of everything I have that needs painting. Eek! Not a short list, though by no means as long as some I know of, and much more organised than most!


Dusk Knights


Stormhawk 'Moloch'

Devastator Squad Noveno

Devastator Squad Decimo

Tactical Squad Tercero

Ancient Ambrosio

Land Speeders 'Blizzard' & 'Tornado'

Scout Bike Squad Custodio

Scout Bike Squad Lalo

Scout Bike Squad Gaspar

Sternguard Squad Platon

Honour Guard Regulo

Tactical/devastator pods

Land speeder storm

Devastator sergeant - this guy was also my test mini for the dusk knight scheme

Devastators from the reserve company

1st Company captain

Epistolary Macario - last of the conclave

Got all sorts of plans for these guys, they'll mainly be split into sternguad or command squad veterans, but there's a pretty good model for a chaplain in there subject to me managing a decent conversion

Scouts - enough for two six-man squads, which could make up the basis of a CAD

Inquisitor Morrn Daggoth, bought years ago for an army that never materialised. Imperial Agents suggest a good potential to re-establish that plan though at a smaller scale!

Part of my dusk knights kill team, lots of conversion to go on on the right hand model of course!

The scout element of the kill team

Kindred of Malebolgia
The First Curse

Neophyte Cavalcade, including Primus and Magus

Crisis Teams





There is of course much more Tau stuff to do than this, however these are the first six units to do, which will allow me to run the retaliation cadre formation.


Emperor's Children


Palatine Blades


Support Squad



Averland Wasps

Wuzrobbed Warriors

Wow, so by my estimation, that's 48 units for me to be cracking on with! Somehow I doubt I'll manage to get them done at the rate of 4 a month, but who knows? Wish me luck eh? Haha!

In fairness, getting as much of the Dusk Knight stuff as possible done in the first half of the year is the real priority.

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