Monday, 16 January 2017

Hobby update - my first commission almost complete

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Greetings all - it's Monday again and that means only one thing (well, only one thing to this blog that is) - it's hobby update time. Your weekly peek at my progress on my various projects, including how quickly I'm ploughing through the grey plastic pile and my hobby season goals!

This last week I've been putting some effort into a commission I picked up just before Christmas when I first suggested I'd be taking some work on.

Whilst I won't name the commissioner (let's keep some mystery about it shall we?) I'm sure some of you will recognise the models from their scheme (well, I hope at least - I wouldn't have done a very good job if you couldn't would I?)

The commission consisted of a squad of marines and a Rhino for a heresy army, the VIth legion. It came with a caveat - there was a very specific recipe for painting the models that the commissioner has developed, so my own choices would be fairly limited on this occasion. Still, having seen the recipe it looked to include a few things I was interested in - painting via a very different method to my usual style, so learning some new tricks along the way, and adding a few different recipes to my collection for various typical features of marines (meaning I needed to pick up some paints and I can therefore justify using those recipes on my own models, which I have been since then).

So, without further ado, here we are - the Rhino on the left is the template I was working from to try and achieve, whilst on the right is my own work.

The squad just need the bases detailing a little and then it'll be ready to send back to the owner.
Space Wolves Rhinos
There are a few limited differences, but I'm pretty pleased with these side-by-side

Space Wolves Rhinos
The legion-specific panels on the rhino are spectacular, but I wanted to keep them subtle

Space Wolves Rhinos
Again I'm pretty happy with how these look together

Space Wolves Rhinos
I think the models really work well.

Space Wolves Tactical Marines
The bolters have already been painted, I avoided any introduction of spot colours
where the recipe didn't specify, with the exception of the lightning claws.
These guys will be winging their way back to the owner this week, so if any of you out there want to discuss me working through some of your painting pile - please get in touch using the blog email above.

Ok, so moving onto my own projects, I do have a 'secret' project that I'm not going to unveil on the blog just yet - mainly because Siph from Weemen and I are planning to reveal them both at the same time, but in addition to that and because in my last game I got ruined by centurion devastators, I've been putting in some time on my own graviton armed squad. They actually put out substantially more grav firepower than the centurions, although they aren't quite as resilient to incoming fire!

The guy on the right is approaching completion, though the rest are a little further behind. I have to be honest at this point and say that a) yes I have deviated from my statement about not batch painting the dusk knights but b) its only the basecoats on the marines and the guns themselves that have been done that way, the marines will get bespoke attention on the detail and weathering.  I've also got to say that I'm beginning to regret painting the grav effect in yellow, because it takes so frigging long to do! I kid you not, at this point these 4 guns have received about 6 hours of attention, and they still need the top highlight layer adding! I am very much looking forward to seeing them on the table though, guess I need to get their drop pod done...

Baby crying uncontrollably

The final thing that I can show you this week in terms of progress therefore is the sergeant for tactical squad Tercero.

I've only got the fist started, but I'm pretty pleased with it so here is Sergeant Alarico's left hand.

It's a power fist from one of the old Masters of the Chapter models I think, put it's sculpted so well it seems to have all this pent up threat about it - I've not done the fingers yet but you'll see what I mean when the rest of the model gets some paint on and I take a pic from the front.

So there you go - that's my hobby bench for the week, how does yours look?

Till next time,

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