Thursday, 12 January 2017

Kindred of Malebolgia - 2017 plans

Greetings all! Hopefully you've all seen my plan post for the Dusk Knights (linky link) and here's the second installment - the Kindred of Malebolgia.

If you missed it on my blog last year (erm, what do you think you were playing at?) then I'll explain - the Kindred will be my first genuinely new army in a very, very long time, probably since I picked up some Night Lords models in the early-mid noughties.

As I'm sure you can tell from the picture above, they're a genestealer cult army, using the new codex that came out last year.

My next army project had originally been the Bromheads - an Imperial Guard regiment with a heavy vehicle bias, but when I started reading battle reports and reviews of the cult I just knew I had to get me some of that, especially given the look of the models, which I think are stunning!

It was at this point that I got all cunning and underhanded, deciding to incorporate part of the Kindred's collection into the Bromheads, making up some of their formations from apparently loyal soldiers so that I didn't have to buy quite as much stuff (it won't save me much, but everything counts in this hobby eh?)

So, enough waffle from me about that, what do I actually plan on doing with them over this next year?


So, at present my GSC (Genestealer Cult) collection comprises the following units:
2 Familiars
8 Genestealers
1 Neophyte Hybrid unit of 10 men
1 Chimera with multi laser and heavy flamer
5 push fit guardsmen (Neophyte hybrids)
1 Chimera with heavy flamer and heavy bolter.

I also have a bunch of extra guardsmen, but they were bought from a friend from his old list and so have a variety of equipment I wasn't planning on adding (or couldn't) to the Neophyte units, so they'll stay as Guard vets and just get a new coat of paint.

Not a huge amount, although I may have some more genestealers coming.

Now, in order to fill out the basic requirements (to the point I'd like to play them at least) of my first two formations, I will need to add the following to this:
12 Genestealers
1 Neophyte unit (ok, the chimera/guardsmen/upgrade box)
3 autocannon armoured sentinels
3 multi laser sentinels
2 Leman Russ exterminators

So, at full RRP that little lot will cost me £237, which however you cut it is a lot of money out of my hobby spending total for the year, and I'm still trying to catch up from an overspend last year.

Granted, I can cut that down to less than £180 by buying sensibly online, and there are various income streams I have coming that may be able to contribute to that (such as my commission painting services), but regardless of where the money comes from, these are my priority purchases for the GSC this year. If more money comes in, then next up will be a demolition claw, but that's getting very hopeful!


I've got plenty to be getting on with - my first efforts at the Patriarch colour scheme weren't quite as effective as I'd hoped, so I'll need to go back to that one and do some tweaking. Thankfully I know the Neophyte scheme works, and I'll be looking to get those done relatively early in the year.


I have to be realistic here - these guys aren't likely to see the tabletop until later in the year, probably autumn if I'm lucky. I do intend very much on using them as a fun army however - the rules may be good enough for more than that, but the formations and lists I've chosen are very much with fun play in mind, and I've used the rule of cool a lot to select units.

That being said, don't be surprised to see them pop up here and there in games on the blog, particularly if they get going in narrative links against Tom's Deathwatch army!

In short therefore, if you see these guys on the blog this year, the chances are it'll be related to painting them up - the models are so characterful I'll be putting every effort into making them look great, so don't expect them to churn out of a production line, but do expect them to look impressive when they're finished!

Right - that's the Kindred done - next up we'll be taking a look at the Emperor's Children!

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