Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Spotlight on blogging - 40k hobby blog

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Greetings all, welcome once more to another dark and dingy corner of the interwebs, when I shine that brightest of lights on some of the other hobby blogs out there that I follow!

This week we have a relatively new entry into my reading list, 40khobbyblog , but boy what an entry it made - I can't believe I've never seen it before (especially given the blog title) but I've spent lots of happy time since flicking through old posts!

This blog is most definitely all about the hobbying side of things rather than gaming, I've not found any battle reports, reviews or tactics articles, but what there is is some of the most inspiring painted armies I've ever seen.

Added to that, in his latest post, it became clear that this guy owns just about every miniature paint that's ever been made (joking, maybe!).

What in particular do I like about the blog? Well, first off what found me the site was the Emperor's Children. Only a small number of units in there, but painted to a beautiful finish.

Then I had a look at the rest of the blog and something in particular blew my mind. A gaming board themed around Arnhem and the WWII operation Market Garden - as more commonly represented in the film 'A bridge too far'. The bridge in question having a Sons of Horus Thunderhawk parked on it.

I also loved a post on the Sons of Orar, who very nearly became an army I started collecting a few years back.

The rest is too numerous to mention, but I strongly recommend heading over there for a look, and if you like 40k or 30k, there's probably a few pages of inspiration for you!

Next week's feature goes to the opposite end of the spectrum with 40k Unorthodoxy.

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