Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Spotlight on blogging part 4 - 40k unorthodoxy!

Hi all, so my series on other blogger's blogs has reached part 4! this means it is a success, and I shall continue on with it!

Today I take a look at a recent addition to my reading list, though one whose writer I have been familiar with for some time through The Dark City.

The owner of the unorthodoxy blog describes it as 'the home of the unusual tactic, the improbable gambit, the army list they said would "never work" or the codex that "sucks"...yet we win with it'.

Whilst the posts on the blog aren't frequent, or regular, there are plenty of gems there, and the writer frequents many forums where he espouses the unorthodox list or tactic.

For my own part, I find the tactics articles on there useful. Posts such as 40k tactics 101, evaluating generalship, and movement as a weapon have certainly encouraged me to think about my own game more deeply and in different ways, whilst some though-provoking pieces also really hit a resonant note with me, in a world without heroes and getting started in 40k are particularly interesting, whilst the author doesn't shy away from speaking his opinion, even if it goes against the generally held view of many gamers. Has the ITC FAQ overstepped itself is a particularly interesting example of this, and one I have a lot of sympathy with since my first contact with it was the populist vote on the rulings made in respect of the tau codex.

So if like me you're always interested in articles on how to improve your performance in games (I'm not talking about how to be waac, or how to bring the cheesiest list to a vegan party, just improving your understanding of the game and how to make best use of what tools you have) then head on over and take a look, you're likely to come away with more knowledge!

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