Monday, 27 February 2017

Hobby update 27-2-17 - here comes the vanguard!

Greetings all - another week goes by and we've reached the end of February!

There will be the usual recap of the month coming but in the meantime lets have a quick look at the week's progress shall we?

Last week I left you with me starting work on some vanguard veterans. It's been a relatively light hobby week for me in comparison to my usual efforts, but here's the progress on the vets (stage photos as I go).

This was the first one I worked on, and I blended the blade up as a proof of concept to myself that it would look ok. I'll be filming a quick tutorial on how I do this sort of stuff for those that are interested, and I'll try and cover both axe and sword just for the sake of it.

It's probably not as good a finished result as you can get with more patience and more layers, but it is fairly effective I think and doesn't eat up all your painting time if you're trying to finish a unit or army.

As veterans, it was an interesting decision for me as to where to put the traditional white elements. With my Cataphractii I was able to switch out the Rakarth Flesh areas completely, but I didn't want to go the whole hog on these guys in the same way since their power armour is pretty much the same (albeit a bit more elaborate) as the normal marines. In the end I went for white on the helmet areas that would normally be Rakarth Flesh, and then I added white around the intakes of the jump packs to reinforce the veteran status. Yellow capes are there because I used yellow in this way on the Chapter Master and I wanted the veterans of the Chapter to almost act as his personal company/guard when he's away from the home world - I will be doing some Honour Guard as well, who will also take yellow capes, but haven't got round to them yet.

At this stage, they're almost complete - I've still got the blending on the blades to do and need to add battle damage and bases, but they're otherwise done.

My other little project last week was working on some terrain (see Alex - it can be done!).

I sketched out ideas of where the buildings were to go on the city board I showed you last week, and it looks something like this:

We may be clumping those buildings a little closer together as we've decided to make a little feature of the largest of the central panels - some sort of memorial park perhaps - but you get the idea!

Last night therefore I committed to finishing the first section of building that you can see in the top right of the above picture.

I'm planning on working methodically through this board, getting each 2' x 2' piece done before moving onto the next, and getting it built as a 4' x 4' board for some kill team games is the next aim.

Here's the detail of the piece, it was waiting for glue to dry at this stage, though I suspect I need to apply something stronger to get it to stick down properly.

The base is constructed from foamboard, with broken up pieces of an old regiment movement tray to imitate flagstones, buried in polyfilla and covered in sand.

It's then painted with a series of drybrushed layers - Skavenblight Dinge, Stormvermin Fur, then washed with vallejo black wash (I've got a very large pot of dipping formula black wash) before more drybrushing of Steel Legion Drab, and Karak Stone. The flagstones start with a heavy covering of Steel Legion Drab, then a lighter layer of Karak Stone in the corners, before a final highlight of Ushabti Bone to pick out the shape of the detail.

The manhole in the corner is the base from the icarus lascannon/quad gun without the stabilising legs attached, then the turret piece from a razorback on top. It's basecoated in Warplock Bronze then with a heavy drybrush of leadbelcher. Averland Sunset and Abaddon Black make up the hazard striping and I've added some Ryza Rust just to see how I liked it (hint - I like it a lot!).

Finally, I slid the piece into place on the finished board.

I'll be drybrushing a finish onto the road sections around it before adding some road markings. Anyone have any suggestions as to what these would look like in the 41st Millenium? I'm guessing the Imperium probably wouldn't be too bothered about putting in school crossings, haha!

Till next time,

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