Monday, 20 February 2017

Hobby update - The Eternal War

Greetings all - time flies, or so they say, and it's Monday again, so that means a peek into my inner sanctum at what's on my painting table!

Last week you got a peek at some veterans I was working on - and they've once more been at the forefront of the projects on my table, if only because I've got a lot of stuff to do before my next narrative game on the 2nd March.

I'm pleased to say I made some great progress on them this week, and in double-quick time (for me at least) I finished two squads of five in seven days (minus the weapons, more on those in a minute).

These are the first five sternguard (yes, I know one of them needs his base doing but I only put him on it on Wednesday!) currently armed with grav guns and combi gravs. I really wanted to bring the yellow to the fore with the robed elements of the chapter - after all their chapter master makes quite extensive use of the colour in his scheme.

The models are a complete mish mash of stuff I've picked up over the years, so if you're curious as to where something might have come from, ask - though I may not know!

So, what about those weapons? Why have I not painted them at the same time?

This is why! We all know Sternguard have all the tools to open just about any lock you might care to want to open, and I figured it would be daft to try an build enough models to cover every eventuality I might want to use - so instead I begged, borrowed and traded every combi weapon I could find to build myself a stash of weapons for my elites to wield. These are all being batch painted in one go hence the reason why they're not done at the same time as the veterans themselves.

Also veterans, here's a command squad to accompany some of my characters to battle. There is a fifth model to come, however I decided to paint up the apothecary option first, as again I want to use it in March.

This was the state of my painting station on Wednesday night, making sure I'd got everything ready for a game on Thursday. There are the two squads you've just seen bottom left, plus another squad of five bottom right, then the five converted scouts from the Storm kit on temporary bases also bottom right, 7 vanguard veterans/honour guard on the paint station itself (two with jump packs - there will be two squads of five eventually, one honour guard and one vanguard with jump packs, but I'm short of 32mm bases at present) and then finally we have half a dozen sniper scouts at the rear of the paint station partially completed.

Thankfully these don't all need to be done for March's game, though a scary number of them are earmarked for that date! Thank goodness I've got 10 done and another 6 partly finished. I need to get the snipers and the five jump pack vanguard done next, then the scouts once I get hold of some more bases.

So here are the first two vanguard vets, progress underway!

Sorry the pics are a bit dark, but if I turn up the brightness then you lost the definition on the Rakarth Flesh parts.

Finally, whilst I didn't get as much done this weekend as usual, I did find some time to put in a little work on the first board for the Grim Dark Brotherhood (I know, updates have been thin on the ground, but we are still working away in the background).

The board now has all the road sections in place, these will need highlighting and detailing, but at least now work can begin in earnest on the city block pieces, getting them suitably rubble strewn and broken!

Till next time,

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