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Hobby update - February off to a cracking start!

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Greetings all - welcome once more to the inner workings of the burning eye's painting station!

This week we have some finished projects that spilled over from January (which really does mean I'm off to a flyer in terms of productivity, 6 models finished within 2 days of the month starting), and then some commissions I'm working on.

First up though, let's have a look at the dusk knight stuff that's now completed!

In an effort to improve my photography, I also downloaded a new app onto my phone (I've had it before but I'm determined to use it properly this time) so let me know if you think the pictures have improved!

Brother Salvador - the Imperial Space Marine

First up we have Salvador, the Imperial Space Marine. I picked up this model in trade with a mate who'd originally got hold of him for his deathwatch, before finding out the deathwatch aren't allowed to use him!

It's now finished, despite this picture still showing a little overspill on the base. It's a great model to paint, though getting the IV into the smaller disc on his shoulder pad was a complete pain!

Brother Salvador - the Imperial Space Marine

Something else I've noticed, which is extremely rare and only happens on one other model that I can think of, is that this guy is carrying his bolter as if he's left handed (I don't mean holding a bolter, actually looking like he's wielding it).

He was painted up for my narrative game on Thursday night, and these two delightful chaps also needed finishing if I were to field a fully painted army (which we'd both agreed we would beforehand)
Combi-melta space marine sergeant

Sergeant Alarico is a departure for me as I usually like to keep my sergeants helmeted. You'll see it happening more and more with the Dusk Knights though as I get more confident painting skin tones and eyes!

Combi-melta space marine sergeant

I'm think that I might go back and add a hazard stripe edging to the banner later, but he's certainly able to be called 'finished' for game purposes! And no, I haven't cropped or bordered the above pic.

Meltagun space marine

Brother Leon wields Squad Tercero's melta gun. Of course because I'm a sneak and all my models have magnetised guns, I could have just used one of my other sergeants and swapped the meltagun onto a finished tactical marine, but that felt wrong so I put in the effort and finished them instead (I've got to paint them eventually eh?)

Actually finished before those guys but also done for use in that game was Hurricane Squadron, my three land speeder tornados. Again, I'm tempted to add each individual name to the speeder in question later.

Hurricane Squadron Landspeeders

Hurricane Squadron Landspeeders

Hurricane Squadron Landspeeders

I'm really chuffed with how these guys turned out, and the Squadron Leader's flashes on the wingtips really finish the models off to my mind.

Each has some old metal vehicle parts on the bases to keep them really stable during games, though I'm expecting to have to fix the antenna on the left one at some point as it's split where it joins the model.

On Saturday my hobby widow took the kids out for a day with her sister, so I got down to business.

I'm pretty sure it's not just me, but when you've got a day like that, do the rest of you get carried away thinking about how much you'll get done, only to look back at the end of it disappointed?

For my part, I made a lot of progress on drop pod #3, applying the majority of the base colours for the model. I then did some work on basing some of the other models I've been working on recently, getting quite a few of them based up, before my drill bit snapped off in the foot of an old sternguard veteran. Grrr, that means it'll be Thursday (I'd loaned my spare drill bit to a friend) at least before I can get anything else done on them, unless I go completely crazy and start pinning them with something rather more akin to a steel hawser than the paperclip wire I usually use!

Still, at that point I'd already used up my supply of 32mm bases so it's not a complete disaster, as I can't do any more until I get some more of these too (all donations of spares gratefully received!).

That gave me a little time to get cracking with some commission work as well, and as I've got a couple of them to work on at the moment it was ideal. I basecoated the armour on a terminator librarian I'm working on. Last night I took the libby out again, doing some blending work on his armour and getting a few of the other details done, including some gold support work, and the base colour and wash on his robes. I also added a little lightning flash to the crux terminatus shoulderguard, and will add in a few more where there is enough bare armour to make it work!

I'm really pleased with the gold on this one so far - I tried something a little different, as I wanted to keep the gold very rich and warm and tie it into the rest of the model, so having layered up my usual pair of balthazar gold and gehenna's gold, I then washed it with carroburg crimson before adding a few runefang steel highlights. It's subtle, particularly on the leg support struts, but I do think it helps to bring the red tabard into the palette better.

armour blending on the librarian

When that was done I got to work trialing some blending on a unit of Tzeentch Screamers. This was pretty daunting for me at the time, as I've never blended anything of this nature before, I usually look at shades of the same colour, whereas this was going from a strong bright blue all the way through to pink.

Still, if you don't try it you'll never achieve it, so I set to, and with about 8 pots of paint open all at once and lots of frantic washing of my brush to get it done before the paint dried, I gave it a go. To be honest, I'm pretty pleased with the result, and what's more important, so is the client! In a later session, I went back and started on the eyes, and blacked out the scales on its back. I'd discussed this with the client previously, and we had agreed that black scales would help to neutralise the bright colours on the rest of the model - we didn't want to produce something that looked too cartoon-ey, it is the grim dark far future after all!
Screamer of Tzeentch

On Monday lunchtime at work I put another half hour into the drop pod - with only a limited amount of time I couldn't really commit to getting all the brass done, so instead I gave the inside of the pod doors a wash with agrax earthshade and then nuln oil, whilst yetting the base yellow on the power feeds to the armour harnesses, and painting up the sensor globe in the centre of the pod. I find the biggest problem actually painting pods is that in order to feel like a part of it is done you need to dedicate a long session to them. Hopefully the kids will keep quiet in the evenings long enough this week that I can get all the brass and silver done before I start to do weathering on the outside.

Dusk Knights drop pod 3

That's all for now folks! Look out for more progress next week, particularly on the screamers and the libby!

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